If Smash Bros. Wii U doesn't have online, will you still buy it?

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User Info: AShockCipher

3 years ago#11
"If you're gonna worry about Japanese ****, buy a Wii U."
- Michael Pachter

User Info: metalmariolord

3 years ago#12
Holy_Oblivion posted...
yes. will probably not play online when i get it

Do you judge games by graphics and not gameplay?Only like realistic games?

User Info: userfrigginame

3 years ago#13
Of course. I love the game. Not being able to play online with strangers didn't matter to me before there was no online, and it doesn't matter to me now. I don't mean any offense to anyone, but I don't get how ppl used to be able to enjoy games before there was no online when they see online as such a vital feature.

User Info: Nice_Kirbyfan9

3 years ago#14
Nope. And if the online sucks as bad as Brawls, I wont be buying it.
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User Info: TheGreatUnown

3 years ago#15
Probably, but I'm pretty sure it's confirmed IIRC.
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User Info: Motobug321

3 years ago#16
I generally don't care for online multiplayer, so yes.

User Info: Emperor_Z

3 years ago#17
I'd be tempted to not buy it out of protest, but I'd probably cave anyway. I fully expect it to have online though, since Brawl did. The question is whether or not it will have half-decent matchmade play, none of that crap where it just grabs random anonymous people and quietly replaces them with an AI if they leave.

Please Nintendo, protecting small children from minor inconveniences and the rare inappropriate name is not worth removing game customization and any sense of competition and personality.

User Info: GuyFawkes5

3 years ago#18
RHF posted...
Yeah, I rarely used Brawl's online feature

Technology keeps advancing, but we as humans are dead.

User Info: vectorman5

3 years ago#19
Doesnt matter to me. I hate online with fighters. I always get pitted against the cheap-ass spammers.

Gimme decent bot AI and they've got my money.
If the Sega Master System was a speed bump to the NES, the Atari 7800 was a tire-staining squirrel.

User Info: Banjo2553

3 years ago#20
I didn't play Brawl's online that much, but that was because it sucked. I'm not sure how I would feel if SSB4 didn't have online.
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