Did you ever see the Super Mario Bros. movie?

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User Info: Ryu X

Ryu X
4 years ago#1
Are you that hard core of a Nintendo fan that you saw the Super Mario Bros movie in theaters when it came out? I was only 12 at the time back in 93 when it came out but I am guessing most people didn't go see it because of the awful reviews it got.

User Info: CasualGamers

4 years ago#2
I saw it in TV.

User Info: Mobius1Rising

4 years ago#3
yes i saw it.was funny how Yoshi was a baby raptor.and bob hoskins did walk the dinosaur with that black woman.OMG the 80s.
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User Info: sockesocke

4 years ago#4
ive watched it as a kid yes. dont remember it that well though.
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User Info: donkeyjack

4 years ago#5
It was disgusting
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User Info: FFXIgaiaknight

4 years ago#6
i saw it in theaters when it released as a little kid i enjoyed it then i grew up......
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User Info: Axccel

4 years ago#7
Have it on DVD and VHS. Enjoyed it for what it is
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User Info: wingo84

4 years ago#8
It was strange... Better than most game to film ideas mind.
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User Info: random_man9119

4 years ago#9
I was only 1 when it came out it theaters... But I have seen it many times and it's near the top of my list of 'good bad movies'
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User Info: selfdeztruction

4 years ago#10
Do y'all remember the package that included the red and blue 3D glasses?

My parents bought me this movie for Christmas and I immediately put myself up for adaptation, didn't think it would take this long for a 30 year old guy to get adopted....damn economy!
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