Is Zelda in decline post ocarina?

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User Info: segagamer

3 years ago#81
The over world in Ocarina was small, lifeless and boring imo.

Good thing there were so many dungeons, all amazing.
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User Info: Terotrous

3 years ago#82
IMO, Ocarina is among the worst Zelda games, certainly the worst 3D Zelda. Its pacing is horrible, the combat is too simplistic, there's zero variety, and the plot is basically non-existent. All future 3D Zelda games have attempted to address these issues to varying degrees. - My novel, updates weekly - My backloggery

User Info: Lordrv

3 years ago#83
Not at all. The only Zelda game I was particularly disappointed with since then was Spirit Tracks.
Just could not stomach the on rails overworld. I do wish more of 'em had master quests though.

User Info: ForsakenHermit

3 years ago#84
I wouldn't say it's in decline but it certainly is in a bit of rut. Zelda in many ways has become a series that's too big for Nintendo to continue to appeal to the series' traditions. Strangely enough Nintendo tries to keep both the gameplay and the story very similar from installment to installment and after using the same items to solve almost identical puzzles it gets a bit boring. But it's not just puzzles the games have become much easier even if they haven't been insanely difficult at all in the 3D era. As for other game play issues using the dungeons special item to expose the bosses weakpoint and go to town with a sword three times is a bit stale too. And don't get me started with the tennis.

But it's not just the gameplay Zelda herself has shown in multiple cases to be a cunning and strong woman whose strength gets flushed down the toilet in every game just so Ganondorf can kidnap her again. In Ocarina she was a master of stealth with some strength in magic but as soon as the plot demands it she has to be kidnapped. Ditto with Windwaker where Zelda or Tetra rather was a pirate captain capable enough of leading a whole crew and wrecking havoc, but again she has to get kidnapped because of tradition.

And then there's Ganondorf. Ganon comes off as a Gary Stu when he's constantly shown to be a master manipulator with an omnipresent smirk who is almost never bested or outwitted by anybody other than Link or Zelda. Yet when he has to be confronted he can never back it up. (expect for the downfall timeline) Villains like Dr.Wily, Eggman, and Bowser can get away with continuously failing because they are in part portrayed as comically inept but Ganon is played straight even though he has failed at the same goal more than several times.

So in a way Nintendo is dooming themselves to disappointment with some of these recent Zelda games because they stick a little too close to the established formula. I'm not saying that Zelda should stray completely from what works but Nintendo has to make some permanent changes to get some Twilight Princess level hype rolling again.
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User Info: d_side

3 years ago#85
JacobCurnow posted...
It's pretty obvious where the series needs to go from here, and it's to catch up with the times --- incorporating things like voice acting, but also getting out of this idea that Zelda games need to all have this exact same basic formula (and core story) because of "Legend"...

Sure, 3D platforming games like Mario have usually had that same overall construct, and even story, which --- by the way --- isn't exactly necessary... But Zelda has remained such a huge title for so many years, but has only really ever made the same style of games (for the most part) since it's beginning...

Games like Donkey Kong, Mario and Metroid, however, spawned all kind of different spinoffs and even mainline titles in different styles of genres, etcetera... What am I saying? That Zelda is starting to get old pretty fast, and when was the last time we saw Link featured in a Mario Kart game for God's sake? JUST PUT HIM IN!

Link, Starfox and Samus (from Metroid) should be in Mario Kart Wii U...

Dude, there's a reason why the series is called Mario Kart and not Mario & The Nintendo All-Stars Racing.
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