Why doesn't Nintendo make any REALISTIC games (Nintendo fan).

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User Info: ThunderPotato

3 years ago#111
I've never seen a realistic game. Driving sims might come closest.
I love you.

User Info: king_madden

3 years ago#112
Frozenx07 posted...
MegaChaos posted...
Sadly, I believe that Nintendo would have to change its image before this kind of games can sell well on their home consoles. This would also cost a lot and take some time.

I agree. They have released "adult" titles before and they don't sell, so why shouldn't they keep putting out Mario games? Those sell.

Nintendo releases a lot of games that don't sell.

Why do so many fans here feel it has to be one way or the other? Why not offer a variety?

User Info: Frozenx07

3 years ago#113
If Nintendo releases a game that doesn't sell (like F-Zero or Metroid) that equates the death of that franchises. Nintendo said that if Fire Emblem for the 3DS didn't sell, they would stop the series. Luckily, it was a hit.

User Info: Emerald_Melios

3 years ago#114
ZEROthefirst posted...
VideoGamer1990 posted...
One more question: Do they really need to?

If they want to attract the attention of every 12 year old that plays CoD and Halo on XBL while swearing at you then yes.

I think they want to attract younger children and more mature adults instead.

User Info: thrallnatao12

3 years ago#115
You could ask that question a billion times, yet still won't find any good answers.
VideoGamer1990 posted...
One more question: Do they really need to?
League of Legends is basically a vineyard with all the whine around here -sunfalcon9

User Info: Mephsuit

3 years ago#116
lordofthenlpple posted...

high polycount lolis. Who can resist that?

"Mephsuit, as he so often is, is right." - Token sane 261 member Saber_Tiger a.k.a. SST

User Info: BambooPandamo

3 years ago#117
MikeDanger1 posted...
is. Why do what everyone else is doing? Be the difference.

Besides, Sony imitates Nintendo in almost all their good games (LBP,PS All Stars,3d dot heroes) but can never duplicate em.

....3D Dot Game Heroes wasn't developed or published by Sony. And it is the best console Zelda since Majora's Mask.

User Info: BambooPandamo

3 years ago#118
kukukupo posted...
No thanks. "Realistic" graphics look awful.

I wish Zelda would go back to Wind Waker style graphics. That game still looks good compared to the Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess.

Of course it is, you adorable Wind Waker fanboy.

The game with the worst dungeons in Zelda history, the worst overworld in Zelda history, the worst post-game in Zelda history, the lowest content of enemies/items/dungeons in Zelda history is "good" because it looks "pretty".

God, this is why I hate Wind Waker and its fanbase. The game is shallow and devoid of any content, but 'Link does wacky XD faces so it's OK.'

User Info: Nerreltron9000

3 years ago#119
This doesn't look realistic?

User Info: RPGMaster95

3 years ago#120
I hear you TC, not every game has to have cartoony graphics, bare bones plot, and be accessible to 5 year olds.

That being said Nintendo has done plenty of deeper games, Metroid, Fire Emblem, and a few of the Zeldas particularly. But there is nothing in there first party line up that currently shoots for that deeper experience, but rather casual fun.

This board I have learned (as is most the internet) is full of folks that rather than providing constructive conversation they simply find a not so witty way to insult your way of thinking. Obviously real life is more realistic than video games, but that doesnt mean there isn't a varying degree in how serious, realistic, and emotionally deep different video games are.

Mario focuses on casual pick up and play for all ages where the Last of Us focuses on emotions, the corruption of humanity, and survival at all costs.

Insulting TC just for wanting to see Nintendo take a crack at something more similar to the latter is just ignorant trolling.
Vegeta trolls Frieza:
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