Why doesn't Nintendo make any REALISTIC games (Nintendo fan).

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User Info: erasedMUSE

3 years ago#91
Videogamegalaxy posted...
Star Fox is realistic because of the way the story is presented. People betray others, people age, people die. Star Fox characters are basically humans with animal heads.

Metroid is realistic because it's basically Alien the Game

Fire Emblem is a realistic portrayal of medieval times

F-Zero is realistic because it has gambling, beer, and gangs.

Zelda is realistic because of how the story is laid out, like with Star Fox

These series may have some fantasy elements, but are just as realistic as Halo and Metal Gear (which also have fantasy elements).

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User Info: ADHDguitar

3 years ago#92
Realistic games? Sure.

Realistic Mario game?

Are you high bro?
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User Info: Based_God1

3 years ago#93
They did make a realistic game. It's called Gaper Mario
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User Info: LightHawKnight

3 years ago#94
Cause graphics is utterly pointless. No need to waste so much cash on something so useless. Realism is garbage and an utter waste of money. That is why developers are folding left and right. Waste of money when good artwork works just as well and even better. Just cause something isn't done in live action doesn't mean it can't be for adults. What kind of childish mindset is it that anything that is animated is for children?
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User Info: chillv

3 years ago#95
Mario & Sonic at the Olimpic Games
Nintendo Land
Several games that use the miis

However, most of Nintendo's franchises wouldn't look right if they were realistic. They would have to completely change the artstyle. Speaking of the artstyle, aiming for realism can really set limits on an artstyle because certain artstyles can look really out of place in realistic environments.

User Info: FlyinTonite

3 years ago#96
Realistic games, to me, age like complete dog ****. I prefer games with style over realism. Mario, zelda, jet set radio, that upcoming sunset overdrive, etc.
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User Info: Devilman_Amon

3 years ago#97
They funded and made a 2nd party Wii game that was pretty awesome (Slashing of Reginleiv) that was based in Norse Mythology.

Too bad NoA was too stupid to localize it. Probably because it was 'too bloody for teh kiddy kids of 'Mericuh'

Same with Disaster: Day of Crisis (EU only), Fatal Frame IV & II remake (EU only) and Another Code R (EU only). 2nd party Nintendo funded exclusives that NoA failed to localize....

User Info: Devilman_Amon

3 years ago#98
85090578765572 posted...
They tried this with Metroid Other M and everyone got upset that Samus had a personality all of a sudden, so I can imagine them being apprehensive. Now making an entirely new IP in this manner might be a better idea, but don't hold your breath I'd say.

The problem with Other M was it was written by an archaic Japanese "class system" chauvanistic writer that failed to grasp the popularity of his character growing in the West as an empowering stoic female icon. So he catered instead to the traditional Japanese view on women as second class citizens and the weaker sex mentally and being fiercly loyal and obedient without question, even if the person in higher position is clearly wrong (something highly done in Japanese society).

Now if he'd have just rewatched the first two Alien movies and drew more inspiration from the empowering and survivalist Ripley character (Sigourney Weaver) and just designed Samus personality off that instead of fearful, helpless and obedient kawaiiness that he did, then it would have faired better...

User Info: ZBug_

3 years ago#99
I love how people ask, "Why doesn't nintendo make 'realistic games'". But you never see anyone ask "Why doesn't activision make any Cartoony CoD games?"
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User Info: Dark_Link92

3 years ago#100
I definitely agree. Xenoblade, a couple of Zelda games that don't even have voice acting and a Metroid every 3 years doesn't really do it. I'm not looking for 6 hour campaign movies, but a more realistic game about regular humans with a good story, emotional investment and great graphics wouldn't go amiss once in a while. It'd at least give them a break from their "kiddy" image. They need some new franchises anyway.
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