Do you think Zelda U will be cancelled ?

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User Info: master_chief_82

3 years ago#1
Assuming wii u sales will drop and be discontinued. - Results (85 votes)
15.29% (13 votes)
84.71% (72 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I truly hope they get it done I'm time and not wait for their next console.

User Info: Voelger

3 years ago#2
Ahhhhhhh... No
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User Info: Rasputin77

3 years ago#3
Nintendo... giving up on a cash cow... you're silly.
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User Info: adampeltz

3 years ago#4
Even if the hardware were discontinued (which is unlikely to say the least)... there is absolutely no chance that it will not get a Zelda game.

That's right... even if discontinued, the Wii U will get Zelda.
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User Info: The_Rami

3 years ago#5
The only thing that COULD happen is they could release it on Wii U and their next console like Twilight Princess, but I don't see that happening. Every one of their consoles has had an exclusive Zelda title at the time it was released.
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User Info: SupaShig

3 years ago#6
To everyone responding to this and bumping it, remember...

User Info: Banjo2553

3 years ago#7
Rasputin77 posted...
Nintendo... giving up on a cash cow... you're silly.

I agree. Zelda's a major seller, they won't pass up the opportunity.
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