What are YOU looking for in Zelda U?

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User Info: b1gt0ne

3 years ago#21
More power, extra graphics, more better physics, generic, a lot of hype, 24\7 commercials, enormous budget, tbrow away characters, etc

User Info: Luigi4President

3 years ago#22
Legend of Groose

Honestly, I'd just like to see something like Majora's Mask again. If I could have MM's sidequests and time feature, SS's story, WW's items, OoT's dungeons, and an art style similar to that one MM fan-made trailer, I'd be in love.
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User Info: Fire_Plover

3 years ago#23
AceMos posted...
RYANO209 posted...
I think it's time for a darker Zelda again. Personally, I like the more darker-themed games in the series. OOT, MM, and TP. Skyward Sword and TWWHD were more lighthearted, so I think it's time.

I also want exploration, lots of collectables/side quests. A powerfully emotional musical score (with catchy themes), and the main Zelda theme. I like when Link has an instrument that you can actually play, doesn't have to be an ocarina or baton. Make it a ukulele or something idk, be creative.

Difficulty levels would be nice. SS had a decent default difficulty, but for me harder = better. Most of us have been familiar with this series for a long time, we're pretty skilled by now.

Style, I want to be able to do combos with sword/bow. I also like stealth elements in Zelda games. Let me assassinate enemies from above!

I want to be able to do dungeons in different orders, or make certain areas of dungeons accessible only if you have specific items from other dungeons. Think Metroid.

I want to be able to do things outside of the main quest as well, like lasting minigames. I could see an online component of Zelda working. Let us customize Link, choose his weaopns/abilities, then go head-to-head in online sword matches or team up with friends to take down online bosses.

Finally, I at least want some form of voice acting. I agree Link shouldn't speak, however. I don't care if it's Hylean gibberish, just do something.

As you can tell I have high expectations for this game lol

SS was verry dark and had by far the most disturbing dungeon ever (the one based on budasim)

I would LOVE to see a dungeon similar to Ancient Cistern. It was probably the best one in SS. Great boss, awesome visuals, and a great theme blend (I loved the underworld part to it... brilliant).
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User Info: Kenaue

3 years ago#24
Lot of good ideas here. Can't really comment on a lot of stuff, but I'd totally love to see Hyrule move forward to like a Victorian setting.
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User Info: Pyroserge

3 years ago#25
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User Info: ForsakenHermit

3 years ago#26
Art style-Don't care much though I'd prefer not to use WW. Cel-shading is fine but WW's style didn't appeal to me

Tone- A nice mix like most Zelda games

Dungeons- 8 is a good number, but more importantly we need puzzles that don't use the same items over and over again like the hookshot and the boomerang. Dungeons should incorporate all items learned thus far WW got this right.

Enemies/bosses-Here's where I think the series needs new life, more so on the boss front bosses should be more than use dungeon item to expose weakpoint then bash with sword. repeat x3 Furthermore the final boss should not be a sword fight under any circumstances this time around. The final boss should be stronger than any other enemy too especially if if he has the triforce of power or is supposed to be biggest threat in the history of Hyrule.

combat-combos with other weapons should be encouraged more than just having most items mearly stun your enemies

Story-placement doesn't matter to me but I'd like Zelda to be able to hold her own and not get kidnapped just for the sake of being kidnapped. If Ganondorf comes back he should try something new too. His current plan has failed several times, might be time to rethink the strategy,
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User Info: cloz1984

3 years ago#27
i would like the renting item system from ALBW, freedom to take dungeons in any order, higher difficulty settings, harder boss mechanics, new weapons/upgrade system and a little bit more action oriented without leaving the puzzle aspect of the game, and what i mean by this is that in almost every 3D zelda game getting from point A to B (which always includes crossing hyrule field) tends to get tedious after a couple of times, this could be fixed by adding enemies, side quests, events of some kind what the hell do i know, and finally maybe some combos? and i don't mean make link into batman, i mean simple combos like the ones he does in SSB, and maybe voice acting.

is that too much?

User Info: StephenYap3

3 years ago#28
I'd like for it to be on par with Skyward Sword.

It should be deep, but definitely not dark.

I...am going with TC.

Another thing I'm going to have to agree with TC, but this ain't my answer. Having plenty of items is great, but not so great when some of them lose their usefulness at the end of the game, not to mention that some of the other items were there for novelty purposes. The medallions in A Link to the Past, for instance, are very powerful and cool...but did I need them? Nope-aroo. And I can't remember a time that I actually used Farore's Wind and Nayru's Love in OoT either. I liked how Skyward Sword did its items as they were all equally useful and they were good enough in number.

My point is that while there should be great items, there should be an enough amount of them.

I'd like for the Magic Meter to return, but this time it should have a little feature, where if it should be empty, it will gradually restore itself to 10% of the gauge by 1% per few seconds. The rest of the 90% should be restored with picked-up magic jars or Green Potions.
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User Info: LatchKeyKid

3 years ago#29
I found nothing wrong with SS or TP so I don't think they really need to change anything. I guess my one request would be for the game to be connected by zones (oot mm tp) rather than the bird/train/boat overworlds. Those got tiresome, still haven't beat PTs.
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User Info: MilesTeg420

3 years ago#30
One thing I think would be really awesome is if weapons/equipment had dual uses. Like combination items. That way, dungeons and combat can have double the depth.

For example, an axe that can be used like a melee weapon as well as shoot some kind of magic. That way, you can design a dungeon around both facets of this weapon, increasing dungeon design opportunity and at the same time, enabling you to create enemies that have more depth and more varied - maybe you need to hack them, maybe you need to shoot them.

When getting into the later parts of the game, this essentially allows you to double the depth of enemies and dungeon design that you had before. This gives the opportunity to create some truly epic dungeons and enemies that require real strategy to defeat.
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