Anyone have a clue as to why they don't add better games to the VC?

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  3. Anyone have a clue as to why they don't add better games to the VC?

User Info: DanDaMan558

3 years ago#1
there are soooo many amazing snes, n64, and gamecube games nintendo could add which would make the wii u much more admirable. anyone know why nintendo doesn't just focus on releasing these games? and instead, releases crap that nobody's ever heard of? -_-

User Info: EarthViper

3 years ago#2
You will play Balloon Fight and you will LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though...the only conceivable answer is the one that can be used as the correct answer to any 'Why does/doesn't Nintendo" question.

Nintendo is crazy.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The only constant in this industry is that Nintendo will leave everyone scratching their heads.
You do not define what is good and what is bad; only what you like and what you don't.

User Info: steerepike

3 years ago#3
They have a strange philosophy, that I understand the logic behind, but completely disagree with. They want big name VC releases to be a big deal. They want to trickle the good stuff out, so that they always have something to release. I get it. I just think it flies in the face of the whole selling point of the VC. To me, the point is to have a huge library of games immediately available. As it stands now, I have a limited selection that they may throw me a bone on, if I'm a good boy.

It all ties in to my marketing gripe with Nintendo. They need to fire their entire marketing department. They've just kicked back with their feet on their desks, collecting paychecks. ...and I'm not sure why it's allowed.
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User Info: Darth Gecko

Darth Gecko
3 years ago#4
If they released everything to the VC today, would you even notice Double Dragon?
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User Info: XSilverPhoenixX

3 years ago#5
The did a pretty horrible job with VC on the Wii until more popular titles were released and the exact same thing is going to happen with the Wii U.

This time it will just be more of the same old releases and nothing really new unless they put something like Gamecube games on it.

User Info: xLexLuth0rx

3 years ago#6
They're of the opinion that if they give all the great games up front, they'll eventually run dry and lose players since there will be nothing good to buy. At least that's the impression I get. Rather than give it all at once, it's one great game followed up by a couple decent games and then a few blah games. Then they repeat the cycle...

I hate it but they seem set in their ways so I just deal with it.
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User Info: deathwave21

3 years ago#7
Because Nintendo is still trying to recoop losses from those crappy games. If you people would stop buying them, Nintendo would start releasing games worth playing. Who really enjoys Donkey Kong 3? Yet people keep buying that s***.
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User Info: Kybalion

3 years ago#8
Darth Gecko posted...
If they released everything to the VC today, would you even notice Double Dragon?

Buying a s*** load of games > not noticing one

User Info: terrancejones

3 years ago#9
With a bit of sarcasm: Let's just release all the VC games, and never, ever support the feature ever again for the rest of the Wii U's life.

IN all seriousness, not only is it better to pace your releases, so that you can have income throughout your console's life.

Have you also considered that it takes time to develop games, to not only be compatible with current software, but also to make them look pretty by today's standards? We're mostly seeing older games, because they're easiest, and fastest to port out.

As for the newer games, like SNES, N64, and rumored GCN, they're going to run into sound, graphic, and other bugs when they port them over. I definitely recall that Super Mario RPG had some weiiird sound issues when it first came out.
Every console has a game worth playing to me, like for example, the Xbox 360 has Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.
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