What do you guys think of the way they are selling wiisports club?

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  3. What do you guys think of the way they are selling wiisports club?

User Info: kingbadjo

3 years ago#1
Do you think it might be too confusing for consumers? Why not just make the game put it on the disk and sell it?
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User Info: INKU48

3 years ago#2
I think it's a good idea to sell them individually online. I'd also like a collection at retail too but paying only for what you want in a game is great.
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User Info: oq7ster

3 years ago#3
It is a good idea, but it will end Up costing like 100 dollars if they decide to create about 10 games LOL.

I would truly like a physical release, but I love the online features as of now.
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User Info: selfdeztruction

3 years ago#4
I'm ok with it and I'm torn 50/50 about wanting a physical release.

I'll probably play it more because it never requires changing disks and is thereby quicker to launch on a whim since it's always a click away.

I hope that companies implement a cheap upgrade price when releasing a physical release to a previously digital only title.

It'd be really cheap and easy and would only require the user to send a copy of their eshop,XBL or PSN purchase and the company could send them an unsealed (to prevent a store return) physical copy of the game for a $10 fee.
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User Info: Omega_Black

3 years ago#5
It's a good idea.
Why pay full or even a "budget" $40-$50 price when you may only end up focusing on one game?

With the original Wii Sports, I played bowling almost exclusively.
The same is true for Club.
Go where the games are...
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User Info: jillwarren

3 years ago#6
I think it is a great idea, and one that works well for other situations. Tank, Tank, Tank is a free download, and in all honesty, buying one new mulitiplayer mode and the story mode at the time was far better for me than getting the entire game, because that is about all we played. Zen Pinball works the same way. I have over half of the Marvel Boards and the first set of Star Wars ones. I can get three packs for 10 bucks and individual tables that I want for 3. If I wanted to buy all of the tables I don't have it would cost me around 65 bucks. I get to demo the tables and buy what I like.

With Wii U sports Club I would play all of the original games, but probably only half of the new ones. This is a good strategy, as was offering Wii Fit U free with the purchase of a 20 dollar meter. It saves the consumer who will be interested in it money.
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User Info: Robb1986

3 years ago#7
I think letting us spend 10, 20 or 30 bucks instead of 50 or 60 is Nintendo's way of apologizing for not have a re-made sports package yet. If these games were a completely new next gen sports package they would make us fork over the big bucks.

Seems to me like Wii Fit U was kinda the same model. $20 for a fit meter and you have yourself the new game which is really the old game plus a few new features.
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