Why is Rosalina so popular?

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User Info: Terotrous

3 years ago#31
Because she's a new character from Nintendo who isn't just a baby version of another character.
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User Info: Crimsonverse

3 years ago#32
Jackal posted...
I never heard of her until a few weeks ago when people were talking about her being in a game.

You never played the Galaxy titles? Give them a shot! They are two of the best Mario games.

User Info: UltraGoombaX

3 years ago#33
Rosalina is popular because she's easily the sexiest chick in the Mario series. Just check her out wearing a swimsuit in the picture below. HOT!!!!


User Info: timetokill13

3 years ago#34
What I don't like about her, is her being Peach, basically, with a different hairstyle and dress. It really bothered me in Galaxy. Other than that, I don't mind her
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User Info: lilburrito

3 years ago#35
trenken posted...
I have no clue. I have to think there is a lot of young kids here. Shes not even a character! Shes like a reskin of Peach, doesnt have a voice, no personality of her own. Very forgettable and irrelevant but the kiddies are weird here.

You can say the same for Nyan Cat, Domo and even Hatsune Miku. They're all popular for different reasons. As someone who genuinely enjoyed Mario Galaxy 1, I came to appreciate the character of Rosalina through her several storybook segments throughout the game. I guess that just served to make the experience of Galaxy 1 all the more immersive and memorable, thus why she gained popularity. Because she was a part of what already an amazing experience. It could also be the fact that she was the first princess like character to have some sort of character development through their background story, or just that she appears to be the most majestic of all the princesses. Who knows, but I do believe there is more substance to her than the other princesses. I mean seriously, what do we know about Princess Peach or even Daisy for that matter? Do we anything on than the fact they are a princess of this kingdom and that they have the hots for so and so?
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User Info: TheGreatUnown

3 years ago#36

People saying Rosalina has no backstory need to read this link instead of spouting BS about things of which they know nothing.
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User Info: Manservice

3 years ago#37

User Info: tinfoil21

3 years ago#38
Motobug321 posted...
It's because she's hot.

This the fanbase's mentality.

User Info: AceMos

3 years ago#39
rosalina has a verry well writen back story

it is both a tear jerker and a heartwarming story
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User Info: NovaLevossida

3 years ago#40
It's the standard Nintendo character cycle if you will. Make a character, keep putting the character in multiple games, and the character will catch on no matter if it's a good character or a bad character.
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