NES Remix, Emperors New Clothes.

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User Info: Maverick_Reznor

3 years ago#11
ITT- trolls try to defend there ignorance after being called out
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User Info: shaunme

3 years ago#12
DroneHunter posted...
shaunme posted...


Nintendo hater


It's funny how no one said that, troll.

You hunt....yourself? ?
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User Info: thepixelgarden

3 years ago#13
Well TC, it sounds like the game just isn't your thing. Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy it that much. Maybe next time watch an LP before purchasing?

Personally, I love it. I find that it breathes new life into classic games. I wish they'd gotten a little more crazy in the Remix section, but overall I've been having a great time. Plus I'm still unlocking new content after several hours, so I really feel like I got my $15 worth. I hope enough people buy it so that it warrants a sequel, cos I'd love to see SMB3, Metroid, Kid Icarus, etc. in this type of game.

User Info: nonexistinghero

3 years ago#14
arvilino posted...
Endgame posted...
Well that's because it has one, pause the game and select restart.

he's complaining about not being able to retry the stage right away after completing it and failing to get a 3 Star ranking, since the game makes him sit through pointless bull**** if he does complete it, and he has no way of knowing whether or not he failed UNTIL he completes the stage due to inconsistent 3 Star rank requirements

his complaint is valid

Each stage is complete even if you get a single star. Even if he didn't get 3 stars he could always restart the stage until he's happy with his run through it, plus if you're replaying a stage a 2nd time it's like 3 seconds from receiving the score to being back to the menu with the challenge you just played selected.

It's still a somewhat valid complaint. Every single game that has a speedrun or high-score mode that doesn't feature a retry option at all points is flawed. Hell, the only reason why I didn't do all the VR Missions in Metal Gear Rising is because I got sick & tired of not being able to just retry, being forced to go through all that loading over and over again... sometimes with just seconds of gameplay.
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