What are your favorite ice/christmas themed levels?

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  3. What are your favorite ice/christmas themed levels?

User Info: DroneHunter

3 years ago#1
Mine is Freeze Easy Peak from Banjo Kazooie.

User Info: DoomsSD

3 years ago#2
Ha, saw the topic title and instantly thought of the snow level from Banjo Kazooie. I also quite like the snow part of the multi-seasonal level later in the game. It's been way too long since I played that game.
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User Info: jaygarcya

3 years ago#3
Kiryb Epic Yarn World 5 level 2 cozy cabin! PRETTY CHRISTMAS TREES!
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User Info: NTendoFreak

3 years ago#4
Spring Valley - Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams.
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User Info: Miggi3Fr3sh

3 years ago#5
Seafoam Islands. Kanto region. It's a classic.

I aso like the mountain top area of one of the Pokemon games but it's escaping me... I'm thinking it's in HGSS going to Sinjoh ruins...
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User Info: Puckswack12

3 years ago#6
Freezeezy peak from banjo

User Info: CubeTV

3 years ago#7
From the top of my head:

I was pleasantly surprised by the snow levels in New Super Mario Bros. U. The new music really gave it that "new" feel to it and made every level feel fun to play instead of feeling like a rehash of the Wii levels.

Icicle Mountain from Super Smash Bros. Melee and the entire concept of "Ice Climber" (the game).

Chilli Waters/Snowflake Lake from Mario Party 3/6 or some of the snow themed mini games in the series (Mr. Blizzards Birdgade and Avalanche from Mario Party 4 come to mind when I think of a good snow themed minigame)

Ice Rink Isle from Zelda Wind Waker is a lot of fun. Such a shame it's so short though.

Ice Cap and Snowboard Race from Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (respectively) are good ones.
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User Info: segagamer

3 years ago#8
Snow Mountain from Bonk's Revenge

Cool, Cool Mountain from Mario 64
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User Info: Drumguy

3 years ago#9
Puckswack12 posted...
Freezeezy peak from banjo

That's always a good one, particularly the part with the Twinklies and stuff.

The levels in the Gorilla Glacier world on DKC and K3 on DKC3 get my vote.
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User Info: PUNCHOUT1116

3 years ago#10
The Wintery level in Wario Land: Shake it
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