WiiU is picking up big time!

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User Info: aj_hacker87

3 years ago#11
Or maybe its because Nintendo has s*** over the UK and the EU for so many years with late releases and games just not coming that Nintendo doesn't deserve the EU's loyalty.

I know it just isn't Nintendo but third party games for 3DS especially lately (SMT VI)
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User Info: Hector_Sass

3 years ago#12
Yeah Australia is a little bit the same. Many people view Nintendo as lame and kiddy. Their support is pretty lackluster compared to that of Nintendo America so they're bound to lag behind

User Info: lp913

3 years ago#13
wingo84 posted...
MichaelS91 posted...
Too bad they still appear to be doing crap here in the UK. Even the children don't want Wii U's, its Xbox's and PS4's for christmas (I work in a school so was able to read a lot of christmas list's lol).

Same here, most of the kids I teach either don't know about Wii U, or just laugh and say they want an xbox or playstation... Typical ignorant kids.

They generally don't care about the games either, it's just the cool thing to have. It's all just about the image.

^ Nintendo needs to seriously work on that.....IF the Wii U is destined for a third place console sales wise, this will likely be the culprit why it happens.
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User Info: aiyobro

3 years ago#14
The wii was kind of lackluster outside of first party it's not surprising

User Info: andizzle29662

3 years ago#15
Europe is a huge market. Nintendo is doing better in terms of worldwide releases, hopefully they can close that release gap.
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