With the WiiU servers crash...

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User Info: samurott20

3 years ago#1
Can we take it as a good sign that the WiiU had a massive increase in sales?

User Info: kdognumba1

3 years ago#2
It wasn't the Wii U servers that were overwhelmed, it was the NNID, update and eShop servers, which was recently added to 3DS. Miiverse, online play, the net browser, amazon instant video, etc. have been up most of if not the entire time.

The crash came when about 4+ million new users between 3DS and Wii U went to create NNID's and do system updates.
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User Info: maleficshien

3 years ago#3
Also releasing pokebank attract another millions people..

User Info: Shadowbird_RH

3 years ago#4
Pokemon Bank's release was pushed back due to the server issues.
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User Info: muffinmasher

3 years ago#5
As the previous poster stated, it's likely a massive influx from both 3ds and Wii U owners.

So if you're looking at it from a sales perspective, it's certainly not bad, but it might not be as good as you think.
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