Nintendo fans, criticise Nintendo.

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User Info: chillv

3 years ago#11
TheMisterManGuy posted...

Put more focus on online- It amazes me that there is still not a 1st party Wii U game with online play.

That is not true

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olimpic Winter Games has online play.
Dr. Luigi has online play

but those are the only ones so far that have online play so you are right that there almost aren't any Nintendo games that have online play, but I don't care because it doesn't affect me since I am not into online gaming and I don't use online play that much.

I don't really cared about modern account systems neither, nor did I care about all that other stuff you mentioned.

I don't really have anything to say about Nintendo. They seem to be doing everything right at least for me, or I could just be a Nintendrone. I made a thread asking if I am and people are saying that I am not, but if I have nothing negative to say about them and view that they are always do everything right at least for me, I always reconsider.

However, I believe this is mostly because Nintendo is all I grew up with. Sure, I had a PS2 and Xbox 360, but I didn't play them that much because of my Nintendo console. In fact, without them, I'm not sure if I would've even gotten into video games. Maybe I would've became one of those dudebro gamers that people seem to mention here since I had a PS2 too. Maybe, I would've not been interested in video games and got interested in something else. Who knows?

But it doesn't matter, it all lead to me becoming a gamer and a Nintendo fan and I love it. Video games are one of my favorite pastimes and it even lead to me to finding what my true passion is, I want to be a game designer, and Nintendo always inspires me.

Anyway, yeah, I have nothing bad to say about Nintendo.

User Info: chillv

3 years ago#12
NickTheBlitz posted...
Remove demo usage limits.

Absolutely pointless.

Disregard what I said. I hate demo uses, but it doesn't bother me that much since I play demos that much.

User Info: Timohtep

3 years ago#13
They're really bad at marketing. They need to make sure people know the Wii U exists.

User Info: Vidgmchtr

3 years ago#14
I'm moving to Japan within 4-7 months and would like to purchase new video games there without having to get a new Wii U and 3DS there as well.

User Info: Snake99001

3 years ago#15
Stop having your games ask me to take a break every damn hour. Nobody has followed that rule, EVER. Or, if you're gonna do it, at least take lessons from Kojima and do it in a funny and creative way.

User Info: GodofLaziness

3 years ago#16
Xeylir posted...
Do something with the VC. Stop trotting out obscure or relatively unknown titles at a pace of one or two a week, only sprinkling a few gems in now and again. You're sitting on decades of video game history, famous, popular games that thousands if not millions of people grew up with. Use it.

I second this. Other than the Zeldas and Marios none of these other games interests me. I applaude them for releasing Earthbound though but since then? Nothing.
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User Info: TheDreadedZero

3 years ago#17
Drop the ugly "everything is white and boring" style you got going on. I specificly wanted the NSMBU Wii U bundle because of the art all over the box ( and the free games it had, ya know) but I just love that box. your normal boxes for Wii U and Wii were just boring to the point of being cringe-worthy whenever I see an original wii box.

I am in love with the Mario/Luigi bundle's box. The black and blue color scheme and the Mario themed pictures like the U on the back are all gorgeous.
Nintendo ID: TheDreadedZero

User Info: Bloodychess

3 years ago#18
TheMisterManGuy posted...

Work with 3rd parties more-

This. You've got the unique situation where 3rd Parties releasing on your console have the most competition from the hardware producer. Ninty can survive without 3rd Party, but it would have better ramifications if you had the support. Don't worry so much about Indie, those are just little strawberries on the cake, but get some more support from your Japanese buddies. Bundle in Club Nintendo codes in their games, offer incentives, do whatever it takes to make more dev's see potential in coming to you.
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User Info: ThatKipp

3 years ago#19
Nintendo is behind on online. They should allow cross-buy for VC games and cloud storage, even if it's limited, for save data backup. Also, you should only have to type in a username and password to gain access to all your online purchases.
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User Info: BlueSilver205

3 years ago#20
TheMisterManGuy posted...

Work with 3rd parties more- Now I can't necessarily fault Nintendo for the early Wii U ports being rushed and half assed, but I can fault them for not being involved with 3rd parties enough. Nintendo has not really made an effort to court 3rd parties more with the Wii U. They're not helping them use the Wii U's power, they aren't helping them with online, they're not helping them use the gamepad in a meaningful way, Nothing.

It's funny, because Nintendo is not only helping them with localizing Nintendo 3DS games, but are even going as far as to publish games they can't bring over themselves for whatever reason. If they can do something like that with the 3DS, there is no excuse as to why they can't do something similar with the Wii U.

I feel that if they really can't get any third parties on their side, they're gonna have to get or create more 1st party development studios. I know they have a lot, but with third parties mostly favoring MS and Sony, it's going to be extremely difficult to keep a steady stream of games on both their handheld and their home console. At least with the 3DS they still have some third party support.

Still, if they can get more studios, it should also help them reboot more franchises or even create new ones. Too bad this route is extremely expensive.
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