I own 0 Wii games. I just got a WiiU what are the AAA Wii games I need to obtain

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User Info: diving_devil46

3 years ago#61
P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N posted...
diving_devil46 posted...
I had a Wii for the whole duration and there wasn't that much in all honesty I really enjoyed on it.

Fire Emblem: RD
Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2
Zak and Wiki
Mario Kart Wii (I liked the bikes!)

They are probably the only games I really truly enjoyed.

Donkey Kong Country was ruined by the controls (so thankful we got the 3DS version).

I hated Twilight Princess with a passion. It may have been for control reasons mind; I tried to find the gamecube version that came out but never could find it at a decent price.

I don't like motion controls, I just find them annoying and most games didn't use them to any real great effect.

You have a very narrow range there.

Yeah I do, Believe me I owned a hell of a lot more but this is about the games we'd truly recommend going back to, and they are the only ones personally.

I did confess in my post the reason as to why I have slim recommendations however, I.E. the waggle controls.

For example other games I enjoyed at the time but WOULD NOT recommend now (bracket is reason why):

Monster Hunter Tri (3U is so much better)
Donkey Kong Country Returns (3DS version is better).
Animal Crossing (New Leaf is better)
Mad World (fun but shallow)
No More Heroes (fun but shallow and doesn't hold up imo)
Super Smash Bros Brawl (far too floaty and just not as good as melee).
Twilight Princess (I actually couldn't finish it I hated the controls so much :( )
Resident Evil Chronicles (really bad light-gun game. Just awfully dull).

Cross-platform stuff (Better elsewhere in all cases eg lego series etc, though not too bad on Wii I suppose).

(to name what I can recall immediately, though I am sure there was more I played).

The two I would add to my list whilst thinking about it:

Resident Evil 4 (Decent game actually, and one I might add but most people have played it somewhere)
New super Mario Bros Wii (This actually was an okay game, and is worth a run through so again, should have mentioned it)

I will also add I stopped playing on my Wii a while a go so a lot of the newer stuff I can't comment on (Skyward Sword etc).
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  3. I own 0 Wii games. I just got a WiiU what are the AAA Wii games I need to obtain

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