When the XB1 stops selling, will it lose 3rd party support like the Wii U?

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  3. When the XB1 stops selling, will it lose 3rd party support like the Wii U?

User Info: iKhan88

3 years ago#1
I'm really not sure. Microsoft still has more adults in it's demographic than Nintendo, such that 3rd party games like The Division make some sense, but the install base will still be tiny.
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User Info: Bloodychess

3 years ago#2
It'll be fine as long as it has Activision and EA.

That's pretty much all you do on an Xbox anyways
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User Info: stargazer64

3 years ago#3
Probably not. Since porting a game from ps4 to xbone appears to be a fairly painless process.
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3 years ago#4
If it stops selling, then it will lose support, but not like wii u.
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User Info: VRX3000

3 years ago#5
Xbox sold just as bad as the GCN. That didn't stop 3rd parties.

The Xbox is basically the same as coding for PC, so it takes all of 2 seconds to port a PC game over to it.
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User Info: Pigfarts

3 years ago#6
No not at all. if both the ps4 and xb1 stop selling a lot, developers will still develope for them otherwise there is no other platform for them to make for and would quickly go out of business

lets say we have 80 million ps3 80 million 360 and 100 million wii 1 users

now we have about 3 million ps4, 3 million xb1 and 5 million Wii U users.

260 million vs 11 million. I doubt 250 million people just stopped playing games. I'm sure there are a lot of casuals in there and soccer mom's but for the most part I assume most of those 250m still will game.
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User Info: DiscostewSM

3 years ago#7
If it stops selling, the loss of 3rd-party support will be the least of its problems.
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User Info: Izec

3 years ago#8
No, because of a few things:

- Third-party games on Xbox One don't have as many quality first-party titles to compete with, and as such will sell more than they would on Wii U.
- Xbox One's architecture, eSRAM aside, is more mainstream than Wii U's. As such it's simpler to port games to Xbox One.
- Xbox One is more powerful than Wii U, and much closer to the PS4's benchmark, which also makes porting easier.
- MS has more money than the other console devs, and is fine with dumping cash into to the Xbox division. It'll just keep paying third-parties to make games for them. Nintendo by comparison is very frugal with their spending, and doesn't interact much with third-parties.
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User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

3 years ago#9
Not as much, since MS is more than willing to buy 3rd party games. So EA, and all the others that shunned the Wii U will still gladly take MS's money for their games to appear on the XBone.
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User Info: LuckyLickmore

3 years ago#10
No, but when said third party dev fails to make a profit on title after title they will.
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