Is Other M worth buying?

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User Info: Michael_Patcher

3 years ago#21
On topic: Go in expecting Metroid and it'll be a very, very bad game.

If you go in expecting Ninja Gaiden-lite, you'll find it somewhat serviceable.
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User Info: IzanagiBlast

3 years ago#22
It's 5$ at gamestop i think and it's totally worth it for that price, it may have not been what everyone was hoping for but it is still enjoyable :)
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User Info: slymshady

3 years ago#23
Good game, easily the most fun I had with metroid on the wii

User Info: Michael_Patcher

3 years ago#24
FanboyHardcore posted...
This is a great game and I hate that Team Ninja gets slagged for it.

Thing to note - a no hit run is possible in this game and it's entirely skill based. A true test of gaming skill.

That skill being mashing the D-Pad all the time.

Seriously, Sensemove is ridiculously broken and will work on everything save for 2 attacks (Fiery Jeff's arms, Nightmare's ram, and maybe one more I'm forgetting)
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User Info: Drumguy

3 years ago#25
It looks good and plays pretty well once you get used to the controls.
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User Info: Halladay32

3 years ago#26
No, it's not worth buying. The gameplay is almost as dull as the story.
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User Info: Fatalyze

3 years ago#27
If you can get it at a cheap price, then yes. My local Walmart had it at 80 dollars for whatever reason, just a few months ago. I was shocked and horrified.
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User Info: Sylar100

3 years ago#28
Worth buying? For 5-10 dollars yeah

AceMos posted...
the gameplay is not metroid gameplay

but taken on its own its a deceint if verry dumbed down action game

I was gonna bold very dumb game to tell my opinion of the game, but meh.

User Info: Giratinalga

3 years ago#29
Sure. Just don't expect to play a Metroid game. The Prime series would be much more worth it.
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User Info: teknic1200

3 years ago#30
I really enjoyed the game, I don't get the hate really.
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