New IPs that Nintendo has made in the last 5 years.

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User Info: Ranmaru-2

3 years ago#1
Leaving this here so everyone who asks for a new IP, or say that nintendo doesn't make new IPs, can shut up!

Tokyo Crash Mobs
Dillon's Rolling Western
Ketzal's Corridors
Sakura Samurai
Nintendo Land
SiNG Party
The Wonderful 101
Steel Diver
Snowpack Park
Eco Shooter
The Last Story
Pandora's Tower
Wii Party
Bonsai Barber
Rock N' Roll Climber
Pop-Up Pursuit
You, Me, and the Cubes

User Info: HayashiTakara

3 years ago#2
The Last Story and Pandora's Tower are both Nintendo IPs as well.

User Info: Ranmaru-2

3 years ago#3
HayashiTakara posted...
The Last Story and Pandora's Tower are both Nintendo IPs as well.

Okay. I edited it.

User Info: HerPanda

3 years ago#4
Missing Pandora's Tower and The Last Story.They're the same league as Rolling Western, F-Zero GX, W101, Star Fox Assault, Excite, in that they're Nintendo IP's outsourced to 3rd party dev's with 1st party direction.

That said, look at the games you listed and tell me which ones you'd call fully fledged Nintendo games with the same amount of attention, love, and polish that new IPs of old once had (like Pikmin and Animal Crossing had back in 6th gen). Games that are to stand next to Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Pokemon, and the like. The list is no where near as large as it would seem, though it would still be pretty solid regardless.

User Info: metalmariolord

3 years ago#5
Now wait for the "I don't like it, so it doesn't exist" guys.
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User Info: CubeTV

3 years ago#6
Nintendo Land, The Wonderful 101 and SiNG Party are the only ones on that list for the Wii U.

User Info: ADHDguitar

3 years ago#7
You're reaching and you know it.
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User Info: GPRailroad

3 years ago#8
ADHDguitar posted...
You're reaching and you know it.

You're about to be guilty of the same thing you're accusing TC for if you actually want to try to argue otherwise.
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User Info: shaunme

3 years ago#9
w 101 is made by platinum

i know its a nintendo i.p

but platinum made it.
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User Info: OCGRafael

3 years ago#10
To be fair can we also list what new IPs that Sony and Microsoft made in the last 5 years?
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