I REALLY like the way games look on the Gamepad..

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User Info: slugboss

3 years ago#31
Input lag on most TVs is actually like 30ms, unless they became alot more conscious of gamers these last couple years and start building them right. I've simply seen videos where the gamepad picture was ahead, and I wouldn't mind having a somewhat modern CRT to play classic games. In addition to input lag, fast moving pictures on LCD are pretty blurry compared to CRT. Any lag is too much lag anyway, a standard wireless controller itself causes only 1-2ms input lag and you'll never see *pro gamer* using them either... I don't think it matters if it is possible to react under 1 frame, it would be less stressful to anticipate something in sync, especially along with sound.

User Info: Nerreltron9000

3 years ago#32
ChA0TiCoNe posted...
slugboss posted...

Response time on most TVs is like 1-5ms.

You're completely confused between input lag and pixel response time.

HDTV's rarely have less than two frames of lag, which is 34ms. In fact, not a single commercially available set that I've ever seen has had less than that, but 2 frames is good enough for any type of gamer to play without a noticeable impact.

The gamepad has 2 frames of lag, matching the best case scenario for a modern HDTV. Most sets will have more than that, with some popular models above the 100ms mark.

Pixel response time is a completely different measurement. It only measures the speed at which the pixels can change from one color to the next, and it's usually a BS figure because it uses the fastest possible color transition that the pixels are capable of (transitions between other colors may take significantly longer).

Pixel response time is the only one of these measurements you will ever see advertised, and it only serves as a weak indicator of how much motion blur the set may have, nothing more.

User Info: kingbadjo

3 years ago#33
lol Nah my TV was around $1000. But I never calibrated it so maybe that's it lol It's just that last night I beat the W101 and I preferred the way it looked on the gamepad.

But yea I'll try calibrating it.
I don't need violent videogames to reassure myself that I'm an adult.

User Info: googler

3 years ago#34
they had widescreen EDTV's before HDTV LCDs were out and those were 480p widescreen, if that's what you were looking for

User Info: Jacob46719

3 years ago#35
Gamecube games usually lag around 0.2 seconds for me. Makes a huge difference.
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  3. I REALLY like the way games look on the Gamepad..

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