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User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

3 years ago#1
I think it's that good. and I LOVED generations.
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User Info: KaiserWarrior

3 years ago#2
Slightly better than horrible is still bad.

Sonic peaked with S3&K and has been sliding down the slope ever since.

User Info: zelgamerguy

3 years ago#3
I disagree Kaiser, I do think he's been all over the place from poor to great.

I have yet to play Lost Worlds... but ny want to buy it has steadily increased with time.
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User Info: KoffSyrup

3 years ago#4
I actually enjoyed generations a fair deal. It wasn't the best game by any means but it was reasonably fun fir the most part. lost world on the other hand just completely turned me off from the very beginning. Everything from the controls to the physics and the level design, none of it really gelled together at all. Miserable game imo.
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User Info: Motobug321

3 years ago#5
Lost World and Generations are both really great games imo, but I enjoyed Generations more.

User Info: wugeezy

3 years ago#6
Im glad you liked the game more than generations.

I have to disagree though. Generations was the peak of 3d sonic for me. Better than the adventure games by a longshot. Sonic lost world is ok at best. I enjoyed it at times, hated it at others. It was a neat concept that kind of fell apart for me as I got further into the game.

User Info: The_Djoker

3 years ago#7
Both are terrible games. In fact most sonic games are post Genesis

User Info: bh7812

3 years ago#8
Coming from someone who's played most of Unleashed and Generations, I think Lost Worlds is the far better game out of the 3 without a question. A big part of that is it's designed to be played different ways. You can go slow without being forced to run at breakneck speed-and you'll have to go slow if you really want to find all the secrets. Or, if you literally want to blaze through it quickly you can run through the levels as fast as the game will allow. So, it's set up for all gamers no matter your experience level. I'm not quite through it yet but I should actually see the end of this Sonic game!

The real standout in this outing though is the music, easily. There's a couple of tracks that are "just "there and a few bad pieces but the vast majority of the soundtrack is outstanding and it's meant to be experienced with headphones.

I was going to buy it on my own eventually but asked for it for Christmas and actually got it. Very satisfied with the game overall and I can easily recommend it.

User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

3 years ago#9
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User Info: ImGanondorfLol

3 years ago#10
No it's not, I enjoyed Generations.
Lost World's demo sucked. Yes, I'm judging it based on the demo. I did not like the gameplay mechanics and I will not spend time or money renting or buying the game.
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