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User Info: Robi_Wan

3 years ago#1
I posted this in another topic and I thought I would make it a topic of its own. Here is the post:

This poll has me a bit concerned. I hear a lot about how the WiiU is doing poorly. This saddens me as I love Nintendo and I think the WiiU has a lot of potential. My brother wrote a really neat idea on something that really might help the WiiU out. Here it is:

*** Thumbs Up! ***
: if you think Nintendo should DROP THE TABLET and put out a Wii U priced between $150-$200, and with the Wii U Pro Controller bundled in.

The Wii U Pro Controller gets very good reviews with an average score of 82 on Engadget's aggregate rating (Metacritic for controllers).

The Wii U Gamepad (the tablet) costs around $150. That's half the price of the console!!! Dropping the Gamepad could easily bring the price of the console to between $150-$200 with the Pro Controller included.

----------- You can stop reading here --------------

or, if you're interested, I have some,

Other Ideas :
- Release the new console to coincide with the release of Super Smash Brothers Wii U. It's all about timing. Get gamers focused on the idea that the Wii U IS a true gamers console, with action-packed games you can play with an ergonomic, responsive controller, for a price that's half that of the other next gen systems.
- Give the new Wii U package an exciting name. Wii U is confusing. Maybe something simple like Wii U 2. Wii U : Next. Wii U : N Focus (the "N Focus" referring to Nintendo concentrating on games, gamers, and inimitable, Nintendo gameplay).
- The Wii U should be priced to compete with the 360 and PS3, not the Spybox and PS4. It's only a step more powerful than the 360 and PS3, and should be priced as such.
- The Price is Right. Make sure consumers, gamers, parents, and everyone remotely interested in console gaming knows that the Wii U is HALF the price of the other next gen systems. More powerful than the last gen, yet still half the price of other next gen. That's big, very big.
- All new Nintendo exclusives should be designed for Controller-only gameplay. The new Mario Kart. The new Zelda. The new Metroid. They should all be designed to be played with the Controller alone. This is essential. Nintendo exclusives are why people buy Nintendo consoles.
- The Tablet can be released as a "niche" product. Artistic games for example would be fun with the Tablet. How about Wii Draw U? Make an art focused game with the fun gameplay mechanics of Scribblenauts.
- Get the big third party releases (which Nintendo has been doing fairly well). So get the : Assassin Creed's, The Watchdog's, The Batman Arkham's, The Grand Theft Auto's, The Far Cry's, The Walking Dead's, The Call of Duty's, The Battlefield's. The Wii U version won't look as good as the PS4 and Spybox version's, but it will look better than the 360 and PS3 versions.
- Get more Indie games! Most Indie developers grew up with Nintendo. They love Nintendo. Make a pleasant environment for them to create and publish in.
- Make a Pokemon MMO. That would be a game changer.

To conclude :

I love Nintendo. I grew up with Nintendo. I want Nintendo to stay with us gamers for the long haul. My brothers and I have every single Nintendo console still, from the Nintendo and Gameboy, to the Wii and 3DS. We still don't have a Wii U. I want to want to get a Wii U. Come on Nintendo! Listen to us. Give us what we truly want : your games of true magic and fun, without the gimmicks.

---- If you read to here, Wow! Thanks! Hope you found the ideas interesting. ^_^ ----
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User Info: Robi_Wan

3 years ago#2
I think my brother wrote a good idea. I would perhaps call it WiiU Lite, like the DS Lite. This idea is very similar to the Nintendo 2DS which was released recently. Bring down the price by removing a nonessential piece of hard ware. In my opinion the first party titles such as the next Zelda should try to make strong use of the tablet otherwise there really wasn't any point in having it in the first place. Some of the WiiU previews showed good ideas for the tablet so I think it has potential. Ooo, and Dungeon and Dragons DM's (Dungeon Masters) could use it in a DnD game. A screen no one else can see...

I may post more later. Good Luck Nintendo! Heerreeeee weee gooo!
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User Info: twopinacoladas

3 years ago#3
Not bad ideas but Wii U 2 would just confuse people even more. I think Wii U LT, orLite would work. A redesign of the outter case to make it look different than the Wii would probably be a good idea as well.

Its to soon but package Donkey Kong Tropical freeze or Mario 3d World with it and a pro controller or Smash actually but they would likely want the sales from the game and not just pack in but by then they may as well just pack in 3d World.

They could bundle the Gamepad/tablet with Nintendo land or, make a Wii U Sports on a disc or Dr Luigi which would be essentially free software for buying the gamepad separate for $60 to $75 not to much more than standard controllers if possible. I just think it would show good value for those who want the gamepad after buying a gampadless console.

Making regular tablets able to connect to the Wii U if there were a way so that some features could be used without owning a game pad for example.

User Info: pyrotempestwing

3 years ago#4
The problem is the Gamepad IS required for some titles, if not completely, then at least to get the most out of it.
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User Info: Megamushroom666

3 years ago#5
Yes, drop the tablet, include the Pro controller and patch up previous games to be compatible.

User Info: SlimeSwayze

3 years ago#6
For better or worse (for worse, in my opinion), they are all-in on the tablet. They can't get rid of it now.
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User Info: Baha05

3 years ago#7
It's not a damn tablet people.
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User Info: chillv

3 years ago#8
Thumbs down

User Info: thefabregas22

3 years ago#9
No, I would rather people focus on making games that use the gamepad well, also off tv play is fantastic.

How many times do we have to hear the same thing anyway?
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User Info: SlimeSwayze

3 years ago#10
Baha05 posted...
It's not a damn tablet people.

True, but that's not the issue.
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