I like the WiiU. I do.

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User Info: EternalDivide

3 years ago#1
I've been with Nintendo since SNES. Which was the only generation where a N console was my main console.
Even though I wish there was more to them I'm fine with N consoles being, for the most part only for first party games.
I think the Gamepad is an interesting add. I don't think it was needed but it doesn't detract from any gaming experiences so far unlike the Wiimote did.

But there has been and continues to be such huge missteps by N that it's tough to think it's the same people in charge. I don't think N's future lies in only the handheld market or in publishing on iPads. Which I notice the talking heads continue to think will destroy the home console AND dedicated handheld market. iPad games are $.99 games to kill time while on the toilet and will never be anything but. They have a place and fill it well. But they're not gaming system killers.

Beyond the botched ad campaign for the WiiU. The lack of a sufficient sized HDD. No unified online accounts. And lack of under the hood performance that will keep big third party games away. Which in and of itself isn't a killer since they've gotten away with it before. Even the price I don't think is the main drawback. It's the lack of those big first party games.
I don't know if it's on purpose, if it's arrogance or complacency. Or maybe it's sheer incompetence. But they need to get their butts in gear and get their heavy hitters out there. Or all these doom and gloom scenarios really will come true. And for once I really don't think just 1 installment per series per generation is going to do to change things. I know there been exceptions like two Galaxy games but we need Mario Kart 8 and as soon as they're done start working on 9 for a release maybe two years later. More than a single SSB, Zelda, Metriod to go with the first they still have to get out the door. Yeah it sounds like a broken record now with the usual list of games they need to make happen.
I guess I just feel somewhat disgusted with N right now. Or maybe my mood is just solemn because my team lost yesterday. Whatever. Just my thoughts.
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