wasnt sonic lost world a bad game?

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  3. wasnt sonic lost world a bad game?

User Info: oq7ster

3 years ago#1
I got the last copy left in my gamestop.
I was afraid of it sucking but I actually like the 2d levels.

I thought it was supposed to be really really bad. It does require skills that's for sure.
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User Info: FlyinTonite

3 years ago#2
controls are what killed the game for me, they suck. His jump is horrendous and even when sprinting he doesn't jump as far as you think he would. The levels are designed with precision platforming in mind but the controls fight you the whole damn way.
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User Info: Groudon199

3 years ago#3
I noticed that I don't dislike a lot of games (assuming they're in a genre or part of a franchise I play), this one included. It seems that unless it's an abysmal remake of an existing game, I'll most likely think it's at least decent.

User Info: picano

3 years ago#4
The game is pretty good if you can get past the controls. I forced my way through the entire thing just to realize I hadn't been using Sonic's wall running and spin dash to their full potential.

Don't quite feel up to collecting all the red rings yet though...
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User Info: georgethecow4

3 years ago#5
I thought it was pretty good, although some of the red rings are a pain to get because of the parkour system.

It suffers the same fate as recent Sonic games, though: it's super short. It feels like Unleashed was the last one to be pretty long.
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User Info: Tortus2

3 years ago#6
I enjoyed it quite a bit.
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User Info: ZeroArchery

3 years ago#7
It's usually regarded as a great game, but long time fans didn't expect the massive change in controls.

Once you get used to the parkour controls, you'll be doing insane stunts and going fast like Sonic does best.
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User Info: Hirokey123

3 years ago#8
It's not bad it's just different, it's a new sonic formula separate from the boost and adventure formulas so it's still going to be rough but it was pretty well done. The controls will fight against you until you learn them though because they are to tight and precise to the point it's not really natural or intuitive feeling. Once you get the controls down the game is lot of fun though.
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User Info: oq7ster

3 years ago#9
Well the controls are a bit awkward that's for sure.
But I was expecting a really really really really bad game.
I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.
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User Info: slymshady

3 years ago#10
Game was ****
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