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User Info: vashtricham

3 years ago#41
Golden_Mean posted...
It's kind of sad to see you guys criticizing the TC for acting on something he cares about. His concern for the state of the Wii U is enough to articulate a letter that addresses its issues and even offer suggestions for them. It is likely Nintendo is fully aware of it, but hell, he's taking what action he can. A good portion of this board from what I've seen is just sitting in their little blissful cloud nine.

I'm with you TC, I have always been a long time Nintendo fan. I still like the franchise, but unfortunately (or fortunately?) my enchantment was lost with the Wii. It was just a complete disappointment for me as a launch buyer and whatever redemption did come was far too late.

This just shows you how bad this board is and that fanboys here are just as bad as the trolls they constantly complain about.
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User Info: Cubfan082

3 years ago#42
Nothing I posted is trolling, and the defenders of Nintendo should be the ones taking Nintendo to task over what they are doing wrong. They are already talking about a next system, this thing is barely over a year old...

Not dropping three fifty on another unless they buy back my Wii U and give me a bunch of stuff as a longtime consumer. Otherwise it is PS4 for me...
Regarding teaching pigs to sing: "It wastes your time and annoys the pig" ~Mark Twain

User Info: Emerald_Melios

3 years ago#43
Seems to me you should direct your grievances to the third-party developers, not just Nintendo.
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