What Do You Want The Next 3D Mario Game To Be?

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User Info: RyuVegas

3 years ago#31
Please oh please oh PLEASE be another 64/Sunshine styled game to shut those people up. I love 3D Land, so I'm assuming I'll love 3D World, so I don't really care what direction the franchise goes in but much like I'm tired of people talking about The Last of Us on the PS3 Board... I'm tired of seeing those people here pop here that do nothing but say how amazing 64 & Sunshine are better than every Mario game in existence. If we give then another game maybe they would stop barking so damn loudly. Plus I'm sure it will be a nice fun break from the direction Mario games have currently taken. Everyone loves to change things up every few years.
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User Info: Shadowbird_RH

3 years ago#32
I enjoy the 3D obstacle courses of Super Mario 3D Land/World and Galaxy much more than the 2D gameplay of the Classic/New SMB, but I favor the MS64/SMS style. Fully explorable 3D worlds with scattered goals is best IMO.
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