A game you really want,but have never heard anyone else ask for.

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User Info: Arthogawa

3 years ago#71
Nice_Kirbyfan9 posted...
The world needs a new Kessen game.


plasmawisp1713 posted...
A remake of Crystal Chronicles on Wii/Wii U/3DS. Game was incredible but the biggest constraint was needing the multiple game boys w/ cables. Everyone has a DS, would be great for local play on Wii U.

Also this.

Other games I support include a new Bladestorm and Dynasty Tactics 3.
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User Info: parkourboybryan

3 years ago#72
A sequel or Remake of Death by Degrees on PS2.
Anxiously awaiting the next Mirror's Edge.
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User Info: adjl

3 years ago#73
From: ponyseizures | #001
>Kirby Crystal Shards 3D

I'd totally play this. Actually, a 3D Kirby game in general would be pretty cool (and not just something like KAR, which was fun in its own regard, but not the sort of thing I'm thinking of). But I do want to see K64's power mixing mechanic come back. That was an awesome mechanic.
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User Info: eternalblue02

3 years ago#74
Sequel to Chaos Legion.

User Info: Fishbulb

3 years ago#75
A Basketball team management sim. I bought an old budget PC one from a bargain bin and played it to death. I want a new well-designed one.

Oh, and Iron Soldier 3
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User Info: samuraigaiden

3 years ago#76
A direct sequel to the Ninja Gaiden NES games, with the same 8-bit visuals and everything.

User Info: fuzi11

3 years ago#77
HermeticJustice posted...
Grim Fandango for Wii U

really any point and click adventure would do great on Wii U, but seeing as that is one my favorites point and click games

also Virtual Boy Wario Land

much like the above post, 3D titles like those o the Virtual Boy would be great for the 3DS, and Wario Land is one of the best games on the system (as well as Mario's Tennis)

grim fandango is not really a point'n'click game, as you neither use a pointer nor a mouse. Regardless you can play it on the gamepad anyway, and if it was something between 5-10 euro, I would buy it. But not more, because it is an old game that I already bought when it was new.

User Info: CubeTV

3 years ago#78
Wario & Waluigi: Really Powerful Gadgets

Captain Facon/Falco Lombardi (think Shadow The Hedgehig, but with Captain Falcon/Falco from F-Zero/Star Fox and a prequel to how they are now. CF can be a 3D Viewtiful Joe and FL can be a 3D MegaMan but with guns)
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User Info: Koopabros

3 years ago#79
A redone Sonic 06.

Yah I said it. Just fix the bugs.
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User Info: synthostars

3 years ago#80
saga frontier 3....or another star ocean.....
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