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User Info: TheProphecies05

3 years ago#1
So it shows in the club nintendo that its for 200 coins..The outside it says Wii U.. but when I click into it.. it says for Wii only. Is it true that it only works on the wii part.. or has it been added to the wii U screen with gamepad functionality?

User Info: Shadowbird_RH

3 years ago#2
Well, I don't see Super Mario RPG on the Wii U eShop, so it's probably for play through the Wii Channel.
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User Info: VirtuaSnipa

3 years ago#3
If its not on the Wii U's eShop then it'll show it for the Wii. Super Mario RPG is NOT on the eShop currently so it'll give you a Wii download code. You would need a Wii remote+Wii classic controller to play it.

On another note you could get it an wait for it to show up on the eShop. You'll be able to get it for a discount ($1.50 since its SNES)
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User Info: elbarto1

3 years ago#4
I already have it on Wii. Really want it on wiiu. Save states ftw.
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