I want a Wii U version of kingdom hearts 3 so bad. :(

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  3. I want a Wii U version of kingdom hearts 3 so bad. :(

User Info: chaosflame108

3 years ago#51
I want a ps4 version of Bayonetta 2 so bad. :(
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User Info: king_madden

3 years ago#52
Oni_Taedo posted...
king_madden posted...
Valor_Phoenix posted...
Sounds good. Nomura doesn't like the PS4 anyways. Too big of a mountain.


misinformation you are spreading.

B-b-b-but, it's a Sony fansite. You can't disagree with them.
They praise the almighty Sony.

what are you talking about?

i was saying valor was doing it by saying nomura doesnt like ps4, when he didnt say that.

User Info: Ranmaru-2

3 years ago#53
TalesRevanant posted...
Reality: It's never happening, just like FFXV isn't. Get a PS4, and stop making a new topic every month. They are not going to make a severely under-powered version, nor go to the effort of that to please Nintendo fanboy's like yourself.

Wii U is not powerful enough to run KH3 or FFXV. There is no way around. It simply isn't powerful enough.

FFXV/New trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjd_Led5Xeg

KH3 D23 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr9twjpM7gU

I'm not going into spec details, but do you notice all those single particle effects for the ship? Wii U OR PS3 cannot do that. It's using powerful technology to achieve that. Both PS4/Xbox One can do that. Also: Luminous Engine will be used for both FFXV/KH3, which is the next gen engine SE showed with Angi's Philosophy. What am I'm saying is - By the time both these games release, they will look 10X better than they do already.

Meaning - Wii U will not, nor will ever be able to play them. Get that in your thick head.

Second - Wii U is on track to be the worst selling console this gen, let alone years. Just like how MGSV, Tomb Raider, etc. basically every next gen game is skipping Wii U, this isn't any different.

I'm sorry but I just don't believe that the Wii U isn't powerful enough to run it. First it was thought it wouldn't because of what nomura said about directx11.


But some time ago it was confirmed that Wii U is capable of directx11 equivalent graphics.


And then a few weeks ago it was announced that the Kickstarter project candle (which uses directx11) would come to Wii U.

Web source: http://www.cinemablend.com/games/DirectX-11-Indie-Game-Candle-Coming-Wii-U-58370.html
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_mDjTGj_M4

Official Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spaniardmike/candle-a-dynamic-graphic-adventure/posts/566902

Source: Players Essence

And then it was revealed that someone actually misinterpreted what tetsuya nomura said.


Nomura never said that it wasn't coming to the Wii U. He actually didn't even mentioned the Wii U in that interview. What he said is every platform that can support the tools — specifically DirectX11 — is meant for consideration. Well, it's been proven that the Wii U can support "the tools". So there is no reason for it not be on there.
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User Info: Lelouch71

3 years ago#54
lordofthenlpple posted...
It doesnt look like they intend to push the graphics really hard save for the numerous objects on screen. Think this game can fit on the Wii U. Doesnt really look next gen

What gave you this idea? The KH3 footage? That was nothing more a glorified tech demo and graphics will most certainly improve by the time it's release.

Anyway TC just buy a PS4 and be done with it. If you want KH3 that much then be a man or woman and ante up.
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User Info: Ranmaru-2

3 years ago#55
I can't support sony by buying a system that they were too cheap to even make backward compatible.
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User Info: MushroomMuncher

3 years ago#56
CLupula posted...
Not going to happen, TC. Your dream is dead. While PS4 and XB1 owners will be happily playing away, you will be left out in the cold, sad and broken, never knowing how the saga ends unless you give up your Nintendo security blanket and buy it for the systems it is being designed for.

As for the people complaining about how the series is spread over different systems, Nomura realized that himself and that's why he made the PS3 collections, so the series would be in ONE place for the fans to catch up. In a few months, PS3 players will be playing Birth by Sleep and seeing the cutscenes from re:Coded and next year, we'll probably be getting 3D's cutscenes as well.

If you're a Kingdom Hearts fan, I'm afraid you're going to have to stop being a Nintendo fanboy if you want to play it.

Fixed the bolded.

Also the last part is ironic because you are being a gigantic Sony fanboy yourself.
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User Info: Valor_Phoenix

3 years ago#57
Ranmaru-2 posted...
I can't support sony by buying a system that they were too cheap to even make backward compatible.

1. Direct X isn't a game engine. Doesn't really have anything to do with bringing a PS4 game to the Wii U.

2. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2014-ps1-ps2-games-heading-to-ps4

It will have it eventually. By law Sony platforms must be capable of playing Final Fantasy 7. The PS4 had better get that emulator support soon.

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User Info: xoftheuniverse

3 years ago#58
Even though I only own Nintendo systems, and have never played KH1 or 2, I am a big fan of them. I would pre-order it without thinking. It is sad that third party companies are acting in this manner. I have many third party games on all of my systems and handhelds.
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User Info: FrozenSneak

3 years ago#59
Ranmaru-2 posted...
I can't support sony by buying a system that they were too cheap to even make backward compatible.

Yeaaa let's have sony put bc on the ps4 and have it drive up the price to $500-$600.... You're not very bright are you
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User Info: lizardkingx

3 years ago#60
I never understand the love for kingdom hearts, i played the first one, while is a good game i don´t get what is so great about it. There are lot of better rpgs deserve more attention than KH. Final Fantasy on the other hand the last game i was interested was xii which i think is a great game , i wish square-enix whould bring back matsuno to make another ivalice game instead.
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