Which system is the best right now based, on Exclusives?

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User Info: GamersTavern

3 years ago#101
I'd go with the Wii U.
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User Info: OrangeCrush980

3 years ago#102
None of them, 3DS master race
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User Info: wheresatari

3 years ago#103
Questionmarktarius posted...
PS2, still.
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User Info: Usabell

3 years ago#104
aDRE8 posted...
Right now, the Wii U. In 1 more year, still the Wii U.

In 2-3 more years, definitely not the Wii U.

Because you think Nintendo will come up with a new home console by then?
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User Info: crimsonclaw111

3 years ago#105
EGMRULZ posted...
PC of course!!!

^ PC.
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User Info: Lordrv

3 years ago#106
Considering a lot of titles are PS4/ XB1 exclusive to both, that list is very misleading.

User Info: originalhipster

3 years ago#107
Of course it's the Wii U. Though that's not saying much, it just means this generation is starting off to be the most mediocre ever.
I was a hipster way before it was cool.
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