What's the best deal you ever got on a video game?

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User Info: Zapper1

3 years ago#61
Some Mom, and Pop Video store near me was selling off their old games, and I got Harvest Moon 64, with box, and instructions for 7 dollars.

User Info: JediNaruto

3 years ago#62
A friend gave me pokemon colusseum, XD, and fire emblem path of radiance for free.
Prince Shondronai 3 years ago#63
Shining Force III and Burning Rangers for $30 a piece.
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User Info: foolio1990

3 years ago#64
Maybe three years ago, I found Demon's Crest for the SNES in a dollar bin at a game store. Also Got Resident Evil 1 and 2 for 5 bucks there too. That game store isn't around anymore. The owners kids were the ones who mismarked/misplaced the games. Way back I got Earthbound for $5, but that was the going rate back then :D Still have it though.
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User Info: TrueGB

3 years ago#65
Sorry, not a Nintendo game, but I consider $15 for Morrowind GotY edition with expansions to be the best value for the money deal I've ever gotten.

Although that Humble Bundle pack featuring Saints Row and a bunch of RPGs a few months back was pretty darn awesome too.

Nintendo-wise...probably Secret of Mana for $5.
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User Info: lovbbws

3 years ago#66
when i lived in minnesota a cool game store was going out of buisness and the owner must been a game dealer he rented a space and had huge bins full of games he was sellin cheap i remember buying 3 copies yes 3 of suikoden 2 all sealed brand new for 5 bucks each this was in 2000 and i opened one for myself of course and gave the other 2 away for free to family members acckkkkk now this game sells for 150-200 opened and played and i had 2brand new sealed :( oh well least it was family that got em

User Info: Jon_God

3 years ago#67
I got Eye of Judgment for PS3, with the camera, stand and mat.

For $2.99

Like 3 years ago, or more.
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User Info: Desulated

3 years ago#68
Doom: Collector's Edition for a measly 12 dollars.
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User Info: Bossdog421

3 years ago#69
Kromlech06 posted...
Every Humble Bundle that I bought.
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User Info: Cubfan082

3 years ago#70
MegaMan2 for 1.99...
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