If Waluigi got to star in his own game, what kind of game would it be?

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  3. If Waluigi got to star in his own game, what kind of game would it be?

User Info: Emerald_Melios

3 years ago#11
Waluigi's Bridal Boutique

User Info: gilgamesh21

3 years ago#12
A game where we find out Waluigi is actually Stanley from Donkey Kong 3 (NES). We see that he became angry when Mario and Luigi disappeared years ago (leaving him at the time to fight DK). Then he discovered the entry to the Mushroom Kingdom, and became Waluigi, and befriended Wario, saying he was his brother (funny because Wario didn't remember having a brother but, meh.). Now he and Wario seek fortune and revenge on the Mario brothers! The question though, is 2D or 3D a better fit?

User Info: Oni_Taedo

3 years ago#13
happysteve789 posted...
I'd like a western style mushroom kingdom game, with Waluigi as the outlaw character. Drinking and beating up toads

Red Dead Waluigi?


"Waluigi says you lost this argument!
Wha haha!"

All the while hog tying toads to rail road tracks and leaving them to die.
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User Info: robomagon

3 years ago#14
hiphops_savior posted...

User Info: king_reggie_28

3 years ago#15
Something akin to payday, but you play as Wario and Waluigi. It would be both the best and worst game ever.
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User Info: Muljo Stpho

Muljo Stpho
3 years ago#16
Mario's thing is that he's the hero. Luigi's thing is fear (and overcoming his fear). Wario's thing is greed.

As I understand it, Waluigi's thing is jealously. His defining characteristic is that he's insanely jealous of all the attention that the other characters get. I guess that's why he's been in so many sports games / competitive games. His driving force is to prove that he's worth a damn too. So he gets his awkward ass into every race, tennis match, and board game party in the Mushroom Kingdom to try and make a name for himself.

So addressing the question of what type of game would cater towards this personality... gets kind of awkward. If he's the center of attention, if he's the star of his own game... then he has already won. There is no game. His objective has already been accomplished. Although I suppose we could have a game where he gets the urge to enter a talent show / beauty pageant (and has to rig the show to sabotage or disqualify all of his competition, because otherwise he'd just come in last)?

So I'm putting my vote in as... uh... puzzle, maybe?
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User Info: OfficerJeffrey

3 years ago#17
WaluigiWare Smooth Moves. Wait what have I done!?
Oh he so Pringles where yo curleh mustache at!?
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User Info: 989parasite

3 years ago#19
(i'm a racist b@stard! and proud of it)

User Info: Ninkobra

3 years ago#20
Chaoxys posted...
I'd like him to get a platformer game where you actually have to cheat to win. Not like it's so hard that you have to pull out an action replay, but theres actually an in game device that Waluigi uses to manipulate things in a manner similar to cheating. Have a wall in your way? Activate the Moon Jump cheat.

This, only because of the many possibilities they could do with a GamePad-controlled "cheat device".

If not, perhaps an RTS-style game, where he somehow gets control of an army of ignorant masses and tries to wrest control of the franshise from Mario and Luigi (to play with that whole "jealousy" bit).
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