Would you buy a port of F-Zero GX on the WiiU?

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User Info: sketchturner

3 years ago#1
Would you buy a port of F-Zero GX on the WiiU? - Results (99 votes)
HECK YEAH!! Just put in HD, widescreen, and gamepad support and I'm in heaven
35.35% (35 votes)
Yes, but only if they add online multiplayer
28.28% (28 votes)
No, I only want a new F-Zero game, not a rehash
23.23% (23 votes)
No, I don't care about F-Zero
13.13% (13 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Personally, I would be ecstatic. A new F-Zero could be great, but it's not likely to surpass GX, so I'd be just as happy to have GX ported so I can play it on the WiiU. The game is just flawless! I played it again last night and the graphics, level design, and controls still blow me away.

Adding online would certainly be fantastic, but I would buy it even if they only added gamepad support and HD/widescreen.
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User Info: Transdude

3 years ago#2
No, mainly because I own it for GC.
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User Info: Jobocan

3 years ago#3
Unless it's inexpensive, no. I already have the GameCube version.
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User Info: stargazer64

3 years ago#4
I would prefer a new F-Zero. I wasn't crazy about GX (one of the few, apparently).

If they made some tweaks and toned down the difficulty as an option I may be interested.
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User Info: Lvthn

3 years ago#5
Unless it includes a controller identical to the GC controller but usable with Wii U, not interested at all. Even if it did, not sure I want an HD remake of another game. Such a lazy way to make money.

User Info: a_fartn_Spartan

3 years ago#6
I didn't have any sort of income when that game came out, so I never was able to play a single game in the F-Zero series. I would definitely play an HD port with online. It'd probably have to have different difficulty setting or something though, because I heard it was quite difficult. I wouldn't want Nintendo to exile casual Nintendo fans.

I would want it to come out at LEAST a full year after Mario Kart 8, ideally even longer.
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User Info: Breastmilkn_Dip

3 years ago#7
sketchturner posted...
Would you buy a port of F-Zero GX on the WiiU?

**** no. I didn't buy a Wii U to play childrens games.
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User Info: DTY3

3 years ago#8
F-Zero a child game?

Lol Ive heard it all.
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User Info: wugeezy

3 years ago#9
I think a GX/AX compilation would be nice.

I also always wanted a Mario Kart Arcade release on consoles..

User Info: FooFighters25

3 years ago#10
My favorite racer ever? Of course, assuming they make it in HD and possibly add online or do something to it. If they don't really add anything, then probably not seeing as how I still own the GC version and play it often.
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