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User Info: iKhan88

3 years ago#21
DiscostewSM posted...
As long as it doesn't involve a lot of Analog stick rotating.

Most immersive game ever. You feel actual physical pain.
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User Info: wiiking96

3 years ago#22
I'd like to see more skill and strategy based elements introduced, just make sure that they fit in with what is established about the series fundamentals. Most luck-based elements should be optional, including all minigames that involve any kind of element of chance. Speaking of which, minigames should give a larger variety of rewards, and players should get rankings based on their performance in minigames, rather than just "winner takes all", at least as an option. Maybe allow the winner to have some choice in what they win, so that there is some strategy involved.

I'd like to see a HP system be implemented. Basically, every character has a set amount of HP at the start, and HP can be lost by a variety of different things. Losing all your HP requires you to either lose a turn or give up a Star to be revived, unless you have a specific Orb. There would be a variety of different ways that a player could recover health. HP could be a factor in some combat focused minigames as well.
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User Info: DTY3

3 years ago#23
iKhan88 posted...
DTY3 posted...
iKhan88 posted...
1. Stop making it so luck based,
2. Base it off the N64 trilogy
3. Get the guys from Hudson Soft to make it.

The first two statements contradict each other.

The N64 Trilogy were the least luck based in the series. Hell Mario Party 1 actually tested physical endurance.

Mario Party is supposed to be somewhat luck based, but more recent entries have taken it too far.

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User Info: GodofLaziness

3 years ago#24
Y'know when people say it's not a troll topic about 99% of the time it is a troll topic.
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User Info: AkaneJones

3 years ago#25
A new Mario Party that people would get interested needs.
1) A large roster of characters, I know some characters aren't playable because they take roles but the game can change things up. Donkey Kong was once playable himself, Toad wasn't, so there's room for this.

2) Take Note Card Mario Kart's Track selection make the game have half new half retro remade boards. To go along with this make board that actually exemplify the different series. A DK board is based on Donkey Kong Country, a Wario Board on Wario Land, a Yoshi board on Yoshi Island, a Luigi board based on Luigi's Masion, even a Daisy board base on Super Mario Land. They could probably pull off 16 new and 16 retro too.

3) A best of Mini game selection, part of this would be tied to the retro boards. Each of the 8 games could receive 2 courses because of this good mini games the represent those boards could return as games selected for those boards.

4) Go back to the classic form rather than everyone in a car thing. As it stand they could fix a method so you can tell who get the game mini-game star before the end. Make board play seem less random, there are elements that just feel like there is no way to play smart. Admittedly somethings like the trade star panels are a gamble and Bowser is supposed to screw you over, but still. You should be able to understand the board, get the right items to guard things, and do well in mini-games, and win more than 50% of the time against the CPU.

5) Online Mini-game set up. I really don't know how to put the board game function Online if you aren't playing with friends. I did throw some thoughts out last time but I don't know. That fact is I see Mario Party Online with randoms like Mario Kart where the Minigames are like tracks instead. It's possible that you select sets of Mini-games, then it selects one of the players set and randomizes the game out of that set.

Of course they could make the games use more than 4 players. That way there could be all challenge Minigames, different vs four that play out simultaneously but randomly select your opponents, and 2 vs two face offs if they win the 4 vs 4. That way a room is 8 people, you have a set of games where 8 people can play(like the good old chisels the image out of stone). Then it randomly pair you with four and you get one the vs 4 games from your group. The other group has its own. After which the top two fight a vs two, the other 6 could also face off in vs 2 based on their current rank too.

User Info: xoftheuniverse

3 years ago#26
Mario Party is a dead series now that Hudson isn't making them. ... Island tour made me sick. It is a glorified dice rolling game. I didn't even purchase 9 and I saw how bad it was.
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User Info: LorenzoTheComic

3 years ago#27
The thing with the rotating analog stick mini games such as the one where it's you vs. Boo while you're on a bike, the N64 controller's analog stick doesn't feel cut out for it IMO. I remember all the frustration we had trying to get past that mini game back in the day.

I like wiiking96's ideas. Hopefully the mini games in Mario Party 10 will be compatible with all available controller types.
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User Info: Sega9599

3 years ago#28
Jobocan posted...
DiscostewSM posted...
Jobocan posted...
I frankly haven't cared for Mario Party since 3 (though I preferred 2), and wouldn't buy a new one on any system (if I want to play a game with my friends, I'll either bring out Smash, or a proper fun board game).

One thing I will say is... either it shouldn't have online (nothing like waiting 10 minutes for someone to roll the dice, right?), or it should replace players who take too long with CPUs. And even then I feel a full game is too long for online.

I kinda like that, but with a little change. If you take too long on your turn with the dice or minigames, a CPU takes over and you forfeit that portion until the next one comes up, but you must activate an "I'm back" trigger prior to them to regain control. CPUs won't use any special items during the dice phase.

Yeah, that would also work, and do the same if the player disconnects. Make them easy mode, too, and make the CPU's loss affect your win-lose ratio (would make disconnects less frequent), if they'd even track such a stat.

Boom Street/Fortune Street was able to make this work, and that game really can take 4+ hours.

And the original N64 trilogy was my favs as well. The sequels have sometimes had great minigames, but what can compare to the insane storyline found in MP3?
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User Info: wiiking96

3 years ago#29
LorenzoTheComic posted...
I like wiiking96's ideas.

Thanks. I put some thought into my ideas for games.
More villains need to be protagonists. BIS proves it can work.
Ridley, Ganondorf, Fawful, Bowser, and Dimentio all for their own games!

User Info: sonic777

3 years ago#30
DTY3 posted...
You found a hidden block! It contained a Star!


That's really all there was to MP1, though. That and the happening star, but usually playing well in the minigames meant doing well overall, considering the other 2 endgame stars were based on coins.

I think having 2 random elements in a game is fine. Having the entire game be different in the last 5 turns just for shiggles, though, is taking it too far.
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