Has anyone actually sold their Wii U?

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User Info: TheRaiderNation

3 years ago#61
A good friend of mine traded in his Wii U to gamestop for the 50% extra trade credit towards an Xbox One deal a month ago.

Personally I will never sell my Wii U and the thought has never even crossed my mind! I have enjoyed the first party games like New Super Mario U, Mario 3D land, Pikmin 3 and DKC Tropical Freeze way too much. Revisiting these games alone in the coming months and years is worth it to keep the console.

I am the first to admit the Wii U is suffering from quantity in its game library. I have been somewhat disappointed on this front, but overall I have found enough high quality games on the Wii U to keep me happy.

User Info: BoomerTheGreat

3 years ago#62
Anti-Nintendo squadron is taking a beating in this one.
Greatness comes from within

User Info: jzoo4444

3 years ago#63
It's smarter to sell and then rebuy later. The price of Wii U has already fallen from $350. Nintendo made so many that you can expect a $150 version in the near future. Look at the Wii, it was successful but is going for $50 used, less at some places.

Just keep whatever games you bought because software prices will never go down.

User Info: Bloodsack

3 years ago#64
I sold my Wii U 6 months ago and regretted it. Just bought a new one 3 weeks ago and I love it. I'll never sell it again. I'm a very happy owner :)
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