Mario Kart 8 preorders are SOLD OUT on Amazon!

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User Info: xoftheuniverse

3 years ago#41
Awesome ... 3 fails rolled into one small topic.

Fail 1 Pre-orders being sold out doesn't mean that Amazon ordered millions of them, plus I feel bad for every one of the pre-orderers seeing as I pre-ordered it from Newegg for 49.99 ages ago. (no tax or shipping btw :D)

Fail 2 The article writer. I hope I don't have to explain.

Fail 3 There is a Gamefaqs post on of all articles one that itself is troll bait.
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User Info: kdognumba1

3 years ago#42
I pre-order all of my games at amazon to have them reserved just in case. MK8 is on there as well as a few other Wii U games and ESO.
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User Info: DreTam2000

3 years ago#43
Bloodychess posted...
DreTam2000 posted...
Bloodychess posted...
shoggothsnack posted...
Sounds like Nintendo is engineering a shortage to make the inevitable terrible sales look better.

Sounds like you need to reduce the salt intake in your diet

Sounds like someone needs to look up the definition of "satire."

Let's look up psychic too, because no one is going to guess the sarcasm of a lurker without italics
Actually, you know what..? I responded wrongly because I thought you had quoted the person who quoted the person that you quoted.

If that makes sense...

Rephrase: I read it too fast and thought you had quoted the first guy who quoted the person you were quoting. There, I said it better that time.

Their posts were similar. My apologies; I read too quickly. That second guy was the one being sarcastic/satirical.

User Info: rockymin

3 years ago#44
It's common knowledge that Amazon US and Nintendo have been having problems over the last few years. Amazon still doesn't sell Wii Us themselves, its still all 3rd party vendors.

Amazon has been pulling other shenanigans too, like not offering release day delivery on Nintendo's software preorders.

Not to mention, MK8 is still available for preorder at practically anyplace else you can think of. I think Amazon might have just limited their preorders just to screw with Nintendo some more.
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