Let's Talk About Watch Dogs

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User Info: Breastmilkn_Dip

3 years ago#11
QlJGamer posted...
Let's Talk About Watch Dogs

Which Dogs?
"One game has the power to change everything" Iwata 30/10/13
"It is difficult to change our prospects with just one title" Iwata 31/10/13

User Info: Frolin

3 years ago#12
mcsmellington posted...
ElectricMole posted...

What a great way to hype the game up. -_-

Saw this earlier, just conviced me further that there's no reason to wait for the Wii U version.

That thing looks like complete sh!t even on the PS4. The bullshots that Ubisoft provided have been debunked this week. Thing looks like a PS2 game even on the PS4.
Also no one knows how it will actually play because Ubisoft is hiding everything regarding the game. The fact that it got delayed also should show you that you should not pre-order this game for any system because the chance is very, very high that will be horrible.
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