The reason most 3rd party games sell poorly on Nintendo systems

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User Info: Chocobo115

3 years ago#31
I'd say that Nintendo consoles becoming "The other console" contributes.
I think many main PS, XB or PC and then have a Nintendo as a secondary console for exclusives (I do at least)
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User Info: terranigma73

3 years ago#32
It's mostly selffulfilling prophecy.
3rd Parties don't need a nintendo system, and the other 2 spend millions on them for advertising and exclusive contents, which Nintendo doesn't do as much, so they push for the ones that do.
3rd parties know they have the key to a success or failure of a system in the longterm.
They saw how depriving wii, a massive commercial success, from most of their games, caused it to collapse after a few years as Nintendo wasn't able/willing to keep a consistent flow of their own titles going due to 3rd parties not releasing much on it.
On the other hand, they know that wii's initial successful run had a negative effect on the other 2 systems, that both didn't sell too hot in the first few years, and due to that 3rd parties struggled.
Fast forward to 2013, they saw a nice opportunity to nuke the Wiiu from the getgo, puttign massive resources into makign sure the gaming audience knew they would be pushging for ps4 and xbone as their main machines and that you shouldnt bother gettign a wiiu if u wanted 3rd party games to play.
Of course Nintendo and the way they operate, aren't really making it hard on them to do so. Nintendo also failed to properly explain and market the system to the consumers, and gave the 3rd parties the perfect excuse to abandon it altogether.

User Info: Neo_Heartless

3 years ago#33
FayeLady posted...
iKhan88 posted...
FayeLady posted...
Its not just that Nintendo users don't buy third party games, its that most of the users who play third party games have been forced out of being Nintendo users due to the lack of third party games. Because of this, the only people left on Nintendo systems don't care about third party games, or they would have been part of that exodus.

If by "Nintendo users" you mean Nintendo exclusive users, I think you are right, but I don't think it's as much a matter of stubbornness as it is a matter of youth. Sure, you have a few stubborn Nintendrones, but most adults do have a palate for a broad range of games, so sticking with Nintendo's 1st party can be difficult.

sticking with Nintendo first party games probably was difficult at a time, thats why everyone who can't oblige to such a thing has left. What remains is people who are content to only play Nintendo games, which admittedly isn't a very large group of people.

This seems like the eventual point of this topic. It's easy to say that the WiiU's audience is mostly kids and as such they are less likely to buy more mature 3rd party games, but surely this only applies to people who only own a WiiU? I have to imagine that number is quite low, since in this day and age there's no reason to not own more than one console, or a console and PC.

And therein lies the real problem. Nintendo has been out of the game for so long, what point is there in buying a 3rd party game on their console? Oh sure I've picked up exclusives, and some games benefit more from the system, like Lego Marvel, but when it comes to othe games I can play a superior, cheaper version on PC.

I feel that producers (not developers) are more than happy to keep the status quo like this. The WiiU is an added expense for little to no gain, as most of the people who buy their games already have a format to do so.
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User Info: Turbokk

3 years ago#34
3rd party games don't sell on Nintendo consoles because people who want third party games buy a Xbox or Playstation.


3 years ago#35
Just look at madden last gen on Wii... lol. Its one of many reasons I left nintendo. Nintendo has made their own bed, I dont feel bad for them anymore. I just moved on so I dont feel bad for myself not having good quality multiplats and still have solid exclusives.
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User Info: NCPwn

3 years ago#36
Wow some of these posts.

If you have multiple consoles, you are going to buy the game that looks the best for your other console no?

One that still has multiplayer online (ps3/xbox/pc)....

So basically that leaves indie games. Some are available cross platform. MOST are available on iphone where the price is only a few $ not $15.
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User Info: ssjgohhku

3 years ago#37
Third parties hate NIntendo for no reason.

User Info: Dayner_Kurdi

3 years ago#38
i think there is a lot more to it then that,

everyone share a blame on why games sell poorly, not just fans or 3rd party and even nintendo also blamed.

can the wii u turn around, yes it can
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User Info: Bob_Vance

3 years ago#39
Look at the Wii. Third parties don't want to try. They toss out crappier versions of Nintendo's games and expect them to sell, then when they don't they blame the console or the audience. During the Wii/PS3/360(lol) generation, you'd walk into GameStop and see about 5 million third party crapware titles all over the shelves and like maybe one or two good games inbetween. It was like finding a needle in a haystack.

On the flipside, Nintendo doesn't have that core appeal and hasn't for awhile. The Wii-U's poor sales haven proven that the Wii's success was a total fluke.
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3 years ago#40
The reason is because of nintendo fanboyism. Nintendo gamers are so up mario/zelda/DK *** they are stubborn about third party games. Then they just act like they dont care for them. Meanwhile the WiiU is failing.
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