why does ninty force gamepad use on us?

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Questionmarktarius 3 years ago#21
The_DOAM posted...
The gamepad has enough buttons to work as a Wii Classic Controller. So why isn't it being used?
It does seem silly to route Wii video-out to the gamepad, but still have to use a wii remote and classic controller.

User Info: Joey-Zaza

3 years ago#22
The pads battery lasts about 4 hours and charges quickly enough.

Who complains about stuff like that you should really take a break from gaming every hour or so why does everyone complain about this?

Does nobody work? lol
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User Info: strawhatmonty97

3 years ago#23
Well there is an option to turn the Gampad off. if you go into controller settings and press display off the gamepad will go black like it's off.

I don't agree with you but I understand the complaint.
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User Info: BalloonBattle05

3 years ago#24
GEKGanon posted...
"Why does Ninty force gamepad use on us?"

The gamepad is the controller for the Wii U. "Forcing" you to use the controller that comes with the console is the way consoles have been since literally always.

Except that on games that allow the Wii Remote as an option and doesn't use any features exclusive to the GamePad, there should be an option to let each player use the Wii Remote.

How much would it upset you if Brawl and Mario Kart Wii forced one player to use the Wii Remote, everybody else could use the GameCube controller?
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User Info: Megamushroom666

3 years ago#25
I don't mind the gamepad, I've grown to love it.
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User Info: BalloonBattle05

3 years ago#26
Baha05 posted...
OzzieArcane posted...
Baha05 posted...
Too bad it's not forced. You have OTHER options, this isn't like the Wii that generally gave you one option.

You either can't read or ignored everything aside from the topic title.

Because those complaints are far to small to consider the gamepad as forced compared to the Wii.

Because forcing us to use the GamePad in say, Mario & Sonic for many events when the Wii Remote is better is a smaller complaint?

Some things the TC listed are trivial, others are reasonable.
A GameFAQs user from August 1, 2010 to March 27, 2012.
Known as Megaleg back then.
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