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User Info: Pac12345

3 years ago#11
RS_YELARAKA posted...
Cares who? Just another gimmick to avoid bringing us games we actually want. Nintendo banking on moms to make money instead of actual gamers who are sitting here waiting for good titles.

Yeah, because Gamer Race=Best Race, right?

User Info: AMG

3 years ago#12
Personally I'd rather see these resources put into making the Wii U more a success.

User Info: DreTam2000

3 years ago#13
Perhaps this may illuminate you further:

User Info: DreTam2000

3 years ago#14
Unown_201 posted...
Auction Sniper posted...
I get the feeling that it will be made from canaballized Wii U hardware, much in the same way that the Wii was built out of the Gamecube.

I don't think this is actually a console though, but something separate. They were using the term 'blue ocean' a lot, basically meaning to enter a new market that has never existed before.

Going back to 'Leapfrog strategy', it is apparently part of something know as 'marketing warfare'. See

One interesting thing from that is:

It is argued that, in mature, low-growth markets, and when real GDP growth is negative or low, business operates as a zero-sum game. One person’s gain is possible only at another person’s expense. Success depends on battling competitors for market share.

This fits exactly with todays market, and gaming industry. Before Nintendo tried to grow by attracting customers who were not existing gamers. The Wii and DS were obvious examples of this, but now, due to the global economy and other things, the gaming industry can't continue to grow, so as it says, the existing companies are fighting for limited numbers of customers. This is probably why so many companies are struggling (all 3 console manufacturers are struggling to profit, plus many third party developers).

I think Nintendo knows this, so are trying something new, also from that wikipedia link:

From Sun Tzu they learned the tactical side of military strategy and specific tactical proscriptions. In regard to what business strategists call "first-mover advantage", Sun Tzu said: "Generally, he who occupies the field of battle first and awaits an enemy is at ease, he who comes later to the scene and rushes into the fight is weary."

Add it all together, I think Nintendo want to win this 'war' by being first to enter this new market...
In the world of business, I think this could possibly ring opposite of true. It's beneficial to know what your competition is doing before you enter a market with a strategy of your own.

In war, the idea is to be stealthy due to the guerrilla warfare concept. In business, there's no way you can keep your business a secret once you've begun providing your service or product to consumers. It's clear (to the competition) what you're doing and how you're marketing from that point onward. The only thing you can hide then is portions of your behind-the-scenes strategy or your resources, as in, the recipe for your pizzas, or the secret technology behind your hardware, or the corners you're able to cut in the budget for manufacturing your auto company's vehicles, etc.
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