What do you think is one of the most deserving overrated Nintendo games

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User Info: rickylo87

3 years ago#11
CaiusIce posted...
Puts shield on.


Ahaha. I like playing Pokemon, but part of me fully agrees with you.
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User Info: HermeticJustice

3 years ago#12
rickylo87 posted...
Golden Sun. Fun game, but very overrated.

This topic is about overrated games that deserve it (so technically they aren't overrated, but perfectly rated)

then again, there exists a jerk with a heart trope, even though having a heart makes you less of a jerk
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User Info: LatchKeyKid

3 years ago#13
I'm going with Galaxy. It was good, but also the first Mario game I never completed 100%. Sunshine get's some flak, but I think it's better, and Mario 64 hasn't been topped in the 3D platformer genre.

User Info: ZBug_

3 years ago#14
DorotimusWitik posted...
HermeticJustice posted...
Basically, a game that is deemed the best, and you think after all this time, it is the best, and are not just blinded by nostalgia

For instance, I know there are some great Nintendo games, but fans typically put them on a pedestal and make a king seem like a God (Awakening is a recent case of this IMO).

For me, it is Super Mario Bros 3, that game deserves all the credit it gets, and it gets a lot.

Your explanation conflicts with the topic title. Overrated means that something is perceived as being better than it is. There is no such concept as deservedly overrated. That's just appropriately acclaimed.

Came to say this.
If its overrated then that means its not deserving. If it does deserves the high praise than its not overrated.
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  3. What do you think is one of the most deserving overrated Nintendo games

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