Why do people say Super Mario Sunshine is underrated?

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User Info: MithrilMonarch

3 years ago#1
It isn't. I've never met anybody that doesn't at least like the game.

I think it's okay myself. Not bad, but not that good either.
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User Info: stargazer64

3 years ago#2
It is probably my least favorite Mario game. I'd rather play Super Mario Land on Game Boy.
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User Info: Avirosb

3 years ago#3
The camera is horrible, the underwater sections are a pain and the plot is...so-so, but it scores points on sheer atmosphere, at least in my opinion.
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User Info: SeamusOHassey

3 years ago#4
I like it. I think I enjoyed it a little more than SM64
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User Info: wiiking96

3 years ago#5
OK, I still do not understand what people's beef is with the camera beyond the Ferris Wheel in Pinna Part.
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User Info: MithrilMonarch

3 years ago#6
I actually don't mind the camera in Sunshine. I think it's the best of the 3D Mario games (not counting 3DL/W, since they barely have camera control).
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User Info: thefabregas22

3 years ago#7
It's fantastic, easily my favourite mario game. I don't really get why people don't like it
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User Info: GreatRingo

3 years ago#8
I don't like beach/water levels. This game is mostly a HUGE beach/water level... I guess it might be related to those childhood "traumas" with water levels that came from Oot's water temple and Mario 64's "can the eel come to play?" parts, swimming in 3D platformers sucks too.

I like the game though, not everything is underwater and eventhough everything spins around water, it is a great game, has good controls, a lot of things to do and collect (freaking blue coins) and Yoshi. Story and VA are irrelevant to me.

I think that's why its "underrated" when compared to other Mario titles, besides that it's pretty good on its own.

User Info: MithrilMonarch

3 years ago#9
My biggest problem with the game I'd say is the amount of padding. It's no secret that Sunshine was rushed, and they wanted to make this game on-par with Super Mario 64 by having an equivalent number of Shine Sprites to collect. Probably about half of these Shine Sprites really weren't necessary, and are more tedious than fun. More than 1/3rd of the Shine Sprites that "fled" are found in Delfino Plaza.

Other minor complaints include physics issues, reused boss fights, tiresome level tropes, and muddy graphics.

But, on the other hand, the music is great and FLUDD is a cool mechanic.
Genwunners are the lowest form of life.
Also, I rarely return to threads I posted on.

User Info: adampeltz

3 years ago#10
The best parts of that game, in my opinion, were the parts without the FLUDD. The rest was still fun, and the water effects/draw distance are still impressive to this day. But the game did have its share of issues.

It just had some rough areas that are uncharacteristically unpolished for a Super Mario game. The pachinko themed red coin level, for example, had some broken/glitchy physics. There were many areas of the game like that. Most of the game was solid, but those few rough spots should have been fixed before it was released, and those detract significantly from the rest of the package.

Also, while the FLUDD-based gameplay was a nice change of pace, it will be remembered as an awkward control scheme in my opinion. The fact that you had to stop in one place to free aim was annoying and broke up the natural flow of movement that is the highlight of every other Super Mario game. It would have been far better if the C-Stick allowed you to aim the stream of water while freely moving (like most third person shooters these days), or if they didn't rely so heavily on aiming the FLUDD in level designs.

Plus, the levels, themselves were pretty pedestrian for a Super Mario game. The coherence of the setting worked against it. Super Mario Galaxy proved that Mario games/settings don't really need to make sense in order to be fun.
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