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User Info: zerozero789

3 years ago#1

Jeez I knew Mario and Sonic had a lot of games but when I actually look at them all it seems like they have a way to many games. These pictures are outdated but even though there outdated they still show a huge collection of games.

If Someone was just a Mario and Sonic fan they will never have to worry about ever running out of games. Mario has a bit more games than Sonic since there are more Mario games (party,2d platformer, 3D platformer, kart, sports, rpg,) being made a once while Sonic games are (2d platforming,3d platforming, kart, party, no rpg, no sports) less frequently but still enough to make a lot of games in short amounts of time.

Overall Mario and Sonic sure can stand the test of time though by this day and age I do wish Nintendo/Sega could calm down a bit with these games. Mario and Sonic are fun but there are other great franchises that they could make as well(Star Fox and Jet Set Radio FTW)
"Please Understand" - Satoru Iwata

User Info: BestInTheWorId

3 years ago#2
It's crazy how Sonic which was inspired by Mario got so popular. The games don't sell near as well as they once did but still who doesn't know who Sonic is?

User Info: Terotrous

3 years ago#3
The Mario game one is counting everything Donkey Kong, which is kind of stupid. The Sonic list also counts every version of every Sonic game, so many games show up 3+ times. - My backloggery - My novel, updates weekly

User Info: manmouse

3 years ago#4
to be fair some of those don't really belong. for example, the Sonic picture shows variations of games for multi-platform releases. so there are multiple Sonic Heroes, Sonic 3D Blasts, as well as both the Master System and Game Gear versions of games when the two variations are literally 100% identical, and some combo releases like Sonic 2+Spinball Game Gear pack and such.

and for Mario it lists all DK games even though it became its own series shortly after its beginnings. literally it lists every single DK release on every console and handheld including Diddy Kong Racing games too. but only a tiny blip off a fraction of them have Mario, the rest are just DK games. by this logic you may as well list NiGHTS games as Sonic titles since the two have crossed over before even though they're each truly their own series. and, well, it does list Christmas NiGHTS on the Sonic picture since Sonic is unlockable in that. but by the DK logic, then the two main NiGHTS titles should also be there since apparently as long as the two have crossed over at some point, the maker of these pictures believes that the series's will then be forever bound even in titles where there's no crossovers.
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