Do you think that Mario Kart will be the game to stop the Wii U from sinking?

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  3. Do you think that Mario Kart will be the game to stop the Wii U from sinking?

User Info: Nice_Kirbyfan9

3 years ago#1
Do you think Mario Kart will be the game that gives the Wii U a sustained sales boost? - Results (427 votes)
39.81% (170 votes)
60.19% (257 votes)
This poll is now closed.
After Lego City, Monster Hunter, Wind Waker, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, W101, and Super Mario all failed to help the Wii U's sales rise above disastrously low levels (despite many peoples claims that they would) do you think that MK is finally the game that can turn the Wii U around?
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User Info: Blk_Mage_Ctype

3 years ago#2
No, although it will undoubtedly slow the process down long enough for Nintendo to prepare/release Smash Bros, which should make the WiiU much more profitable.
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User Info: bezlaskez

3 years ago#4
Wii U sales are not disastrously low. Just stupidly low. By the end of its lifespan, assuming relatively consistent interest due to these titles bringing on a few extra players per month, Wii U will have probably at least broken even and hopefully changed some attitudes at Nintendo HQ. Unless Wii U gets something really special (something else that even the most stalwart Kirbyfan can get behind), no-one but the old guard cares that much. Mario Kart will sell itself, not the Wii U.

User Info: LonelyGoomba

3 years ago#5
I hope so but I'm starting to think it wont.

I mean

and we can cross off most of those now

pretty much sums it up, it's probably not going to be a success overall now
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User Info: Jacob46719

3 years ago#6
wrong question. no single game will save it.
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User Info: Videogamegalaxy

3 years ago#7
No, but Super Smash Bros. will.
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User Info: caffeinepirate

3 years ago#9
As long as the Wii U is at a $300 price point . . . no, Mario Kart and/or Smash won't be enough to save it. If your going to have inferior graphics, inferior online support, and a library that won't include some of the most popular 3rd party games, you better cost much, much less than the PS4 and Xbone.

User Info: terrancejones

3 years ago#10
I love your Show Lonely Goomba. Keep up the awesomeness!

Anyways, yeah this game won't save the system... But it does have potental to curb the trend away from fail. Unless they got a few games to hold us until Smash... And if Smash is by far the best one overall. There's going to be little to change that downward trend otherwise.
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  3. Do you think that Mario Kart will be the game to stop the Wii U from sinking?

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