New wiiu game announced!

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User Info: sarmandar

3 years ago#41
21days posted...
Heya all, I'm the developer of Twisted Fusion (coming exclusively to Wii U) if you have any questions at all about the game or its development - feel free to let me know and I'll do my best to answer any that come my way.

This isn't about the game, but I want to make an Indie game, and yes I know its going to take a long time and its going to be hard, but help me out here. Its just 2D, top down, and I'll be using Unity since I've kind of gotten my head wrapped around it. The problem is I can't program (c#) and because of what a large undertaking it is to learn it I keep getting demotivated. I watch tutorials and read tutorials but I can't do it regularly due to the demotivation. So how did you learn? Did you need it for your occupation so you did a course? Or did you teach yourself? With large tasks its usually good to break them down into smaller pieces, is there a way to do that with this.

User Info: nonexistinghero

3 years ago#42
SS4_Namreppiv posted...
Motobug321 posted...
Hiten Mitsurugi S posted...
DeathSoul2000 posted...
Looks like an indy. Don't care.

What's wrong with indies?

Some people around here tend to forget that not everyone started out at a AAA Dev. Todays indies are tomorrows Miyamotos. Of course not everyone will agree, but it doesn't matter. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Sure, that doesn't mean the Wii U doesn't need retail games. Every new game that is announced for it these days that isn't 1st party is indie. 3rd party is practically non-existent on it right now.
Read the mania:
In SA2, it's Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.
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