Why do people like "real" sports games???

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User Info: NeonYoshi11

3 years ago#41
I like doing franchise modes and building and creating my own team, drafting players, and developing them into champions.

I don't like using real players because their history is already set, so I usually dismantle the team as soon as possible and build from the ground up.

^ The Journey of doing this, along with tracking career stats + the fun gameplay keeps me playing sports games, but I don't play them in the same way everyone does.

I customize each game to myself and how I want to play, so I can make each one fun and unique even if they are kind of the same each year.

* I also like "fake" sports games like Mario sports games and stuff too.

Can a person not like both ?

User Info: majora123

3 years ago#42
I love sports more than video games, but sports games are one of my least favorite genres. THe only sport game I've played a lot recently is NBA 2k12 and I enjoy it. Football is my favorite sport, but I haven't bought a Madden game in years. I like the cartoony games as well. Mario Superstar Baseball is my favorite sports game ever

It's funny, though. Whenever I play sports games, I fund myself complaining when someone does something or something happens that's not realistic. For example, my friend only plays sports games and COD (yeah one of those) and he knows just as much about sports as I do. However, in 2K, all he does is use one player and shoots corner 3's (and gets most of them in). And in Madden, all he does is pass. I did some research and found out that's how alot of people (your "casuals") play. I don't mind because I always win, but I don't understand why he or other people play more realistically.

And my brother can magically block Kareem on a consistent basis. But I digress
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3 years ago#43
Maybe because baseball is Americas past time. And NFL is the greatest sports business in North America. I like using my favorite teams and players and gaming out with amazing visuals and realistic animations. When I'm watching Sunday afternoon football and get the vibe for some football I'm not interested in Backyard Football, or Mickey Football, or Mario Football. I want the real deal. With stat tracking and awards and commentating, the whole package.

Not to say I don't enjoy a Mario Golf or Sega Slam Soccer. But you need a vast variety of realistic sports titles for me to buy your console.
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User Info: MilesTeg420

3 years ago#44
But Mario Football would probably be so damn good. Too good for this world.

User Info: Traptin3days

3 years ago#45
NHL2000 is a gem
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