Sorry, but Metroid IS a FPS.

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User Info: Crimsonverse

3 years ago#121
LightningaIe posted...
These excuses are getting ridiculous. Nintendo fans are the only people you ever see trying to make arguments like this. Is the game set in first person? Yes. Does the gameplay consist of shooting things? Yes. Then you have a first person shooter.

If you actually played games on systems besides the ones Nintendo produces enough to explore the FPS genre, you'd realize that adding additional elements does not mean a FPS is a "FPA". Stuff like Deus Ex and Half-Life disprove those silly assertions. No, not every FPS is a clone of Call of Duty.

And no, liking a FPS game does not make you any less of a gamer or a dudebro. There's no reason to be ashamed of liking. Stop trying to treat FPS games as if they're some taboo. And no, developer say so does not negate the fact they're FPS games. Capcom still tries to label RE4-6 as survival horror games. Doesn't mean they can be called as such.

Metroid is a FPS. Accept that reality, deal with it, and stop making all these asinine excuses. It's beyond ridiculous and just reeks of insecurity.

How many times do we have to go over this?
Metroid is not a Fake Pizza Salad. Metroid is the hero of the story. He is an intergalactic bounty hunter badass spezmureen who cannot crawl and is constantly hunted by a dragon named Samus.

User Info: Chosen_one_41

3 years ago#122
EzioAuditore947 posted...
By your logic, Starfox 64 isn't a shooter because you have lock on lasers. Nor is Deus Ex because you have the target finder. There's probably quite a few FPS's with lock on functions. I think Unreal had them too.

Starfox isn't even first person and Deus Ex is a stealth game, you can beat the game without firing a single weapon.
If you are the kind of gamer who says "gamers who X are not real gamers" then your not a real gamer... wait
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  3. Sorry, but Metroid IS a FPS.

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