IMO Metroid should be rebooted.

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User Info: AnthonyBrock2

3 years ago#31
Lil_Bit83 posted...
Fusion's not a bad game

I never said Fusion was bad it's actually one pf my favorites. I was simply stating that other m was alot like it in story elements

User Info: KaiserWarrior

3 years ago#32
Samus Aran is a bounty hunter. There's literally an endless horizon of possibilities for plot, if you are of the opinion that video games need plot. You just make games about various bounties she's hunted over the years, or continues to hunt post-fusion.

But you don't need plot in the first place. You make new 2D, high-res sprite-based Metroid games, invent some random new enemy to be "the bad guys", and away you go. It is fine for video games to be games. They don't need to be terrible movies -- and trying to be terrible movies is what killed Other M.

Or they could always do a Super/Zero Mission style remake of Return of Samus. #justsayin'

User Info: Dr_Kain

3 years ago#33
Does everyone forget that FUSION is the last game in the timeline right now?

There is still a lot they can do as obviously the Federation is doing illegal activity with cloning Metroids. Maybe it is time Samus goes after them.

If this was 5 years ago, I wouldn't have mind a reboot. However, everything these days are doing a reboot, so it has gotten to the point of redundancy. It's like the writers figure if they mess up something badly, they can just reboot it and start fresh. THe problem is, bad writing is still bad writing. Rebooting a universe does not change that if you don't have good writers to do it. If anything, rebooting a universe exploits the bad writing even farther because then you can see how half assed the reboot was to begin with.

All I know is I just want a new god damned Metroid game already!!
Welcome to GameFAQs, where having an opinion is a declaration of war.

User Info: ChrisCanberg

3 years ago#34
Fatalyze posted...
No, don't reboot it yet! I want a sequel to Metroid Fusion, where Samus is an outlaw on the run from the Galactic Federation.

This is interesting. Her going behind the government's back to stop them making bioweapons out of Metroids would probably make the best Metroid storyline going forward.
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