umepic worth my time?

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User Info: Tropicalfreeze

3 years ago#1
tell me

User Info: Kyrylo

3 years ago#2
i played it on PC. It's fun game, but can quickly get tedious.

User Info: SS4_Namreppiv

3 years ago#3
What is umepic? I've never heard of it. Unepic, on the other hand is a nice little game, well worth the price.
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User Info: protect_badgers

3 years ago#4
Yes - it is fun and deep, and a lot of content for $10. Its not perfect, and can be a little cheap at times, but it is a fun game world.
Prince Shondronai 3 years ago#5
The writing and voice acting are awful, but the game itself is pretty fun. Huge levels to explore and fight your way through.
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