Question about Reward Codes in CN

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User Info: _s_e_r_

3 years ago#1
So here's the thing. I want Super Mario World from CN, I have the coins and everything except... the Wii U.

I'll probably have it after 5/11, so if I wait that much, I won't be able to redeem SMW from CN. The question is, if I get the code now, will I be able to use it when I have a Wii U??

NNID: s_e_r_O
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User Info: MilesTeg420

3 years ago#2

User Info: zado19

3 years ago#3
MilesTeg420 posted...
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User Info: mhollan3

3 years ago#4
Yeah, grab it, I wish I did with LTTP and Super Metroid.
I have a Wii U. WEEEEEEE
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